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Bauhaus X announce GENIE TM AI Platform for Streaming Events

Bauhaus X has confirmed their involvement in the development of Genie TM, a fully patented technology and ground breaking new AI platform designed to completely redefine the way you experience your favorite Movies, TV shows and live sports event by bringing a level of interaction never seen before.

“Genie TM is simply one of most astonishing revolution when it comes to Entertainment. The Closest thing I could think of would be the invention of movies by the Lumiere brothers. Genie TM is so advanced and at the same time such a logical step when it comes to streaming platform and live TV that I can honestly guarantee that no one will ever watch TV or anything related to live sports without it ever again. I’m very excited about what the future looks like. This level of interaction with your favorite show, live sport event or your streaming platform is simply astounding. I’m extremely proud of my team,” says Bauhaus X founder Arno Gasquet.

“It is not an evolution of how you watch your favorite content. Genie is a revolutionary change in everything you like: from TV show to a sports game. Simply put it like this: it will change your entertainment life forever,” says Bauhaus X CEO Artem Timofeev.

The future of Entertainment and live sport has never looked brighter.

Bauhaus X is recognized has one of the world leader bureau in ultra high end designs and R&D.

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