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BeAware launches Line of Free Apps for the Deaf at CES 2024

Only Apps that Convert Smartphones into Customizable Alert Devices With Fastest Transcriptions

No Ads, Private BeAware Apps Are Entrusted by Deaf People in Over 50 Countries

Available in 30+ Languages

Makes Lives of Deaf People Safer & Easier – Used an Average of 4 Times/Day Every DayConverts Ambient Noise to Visual & Haptic Alerts

BeAware https://www.deafassistant.com/, creator of the free fastest transcription app for the Deaf and hard of hearing, announced today that it will launch a new line of free fast, accurate apps for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community at CES 2024: the BeAware Conference Captioning App and HealthScribe app, designed to make the world easier and safer for Deaf people and the only specialized Deaf assistant apps designed with easy communication and safety in mind.

Conference Captioning App Only Tool for Real-time Captioning for In-Person Events

The BeAware Conference Captioning app is the only tool that provides the Deaf and hard of hearing quick accessibility to any in-person event within 15 seconds for real-time captioning for speeches, live events, press conferences, and trade shows. Based on the popular BeAware d/Deaf Assistant app, the top 50 medical app in 13 countries and currently in use in over 50 countries and 30+ languages, speakers and event organizers can easily capture live transcriptions allowing Deaf attendees to stream captions in real-time on their smartphones, ensuring an inclusive experience for all participants — especially important for emergency press conferences and alerts. For developers, the BeAware Conference Captioning App Enterprise version is also available with API access to integrate their apps with BeAware, along with accessibility for live translations into 30+ languages. Key markets for the BeAware Conference Captioning app include healthcare, government, first responders, and hospitality industries. See the BeAware video at: https://vimeo.com/838702172

HealthScribe Offline Private Live Transcriptions for the Deaf & Translations for Limited English Proficiency Patients

HealthScribe is an essential tool used in hospital emergency rooms to provide offline fast privacy-safe live transcriptions for Deaf and hard-of-hearing patients, as well as translations for patients with limited English proficiency (LEP). Live transcriptions and live translations are available while the patient is 100% offline without storing the user’s data of personal information, making it the perfect companion for geriatric hospitals and medical institutions with a diverse patient language base. Implemented and licensed specifically for each hospital and free for patients, the solution is paid by hospitals depending on the implementation scale, number of languages, and whether managed devices are required. HealthScribe is AgeTech that helps older people with hearing loss become much more confident at the doctor’s office and is also available after a free trial at $100/month for doctors to purchase directly.

Reducing Inequalities: Part of the 10th UN Sustainable Development Goal

Focused on reducing inequalities as part of the 10th UN Sustainable Development Goal, BeAware helps organizations and governments support their commitment to accessibility by providing dedicated streams with blazing-fast accuracy. An example of BeAware’s real-time live translations was seen at the recent Michigan’s Build Institue entrepreneurial support institute, which showcased the ability to use BeAware’s technology, even without the need to download the app.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 430 million people worldwide who identify as hard-of-hearing or Deaf, or 1 person in every 3 households in every neighborhood in every country. Learning to read lips is not enough for safety. With BeAware, the app reads text aloud during live phone calls and more, assisted by customizable preset phrases. BeAware even provides visual LED flashes and sensory alert vibrations through smartwatches and smartphones and users can customize alerts, so if a baby is crying, a deaf mom can get a vibration through a push notification, along with an LED flash; or if a hard-of-hearing delivery driver is pulled over, the driver can use the app to transcribe what a police officer is saying and can even communicate with the officer, without having to use sign language.

“I was tired of seeing all the apps that charge $100/year for essential everyday tools needed by the Deaf,” said Saamer Mansoor, Founder & CEO, BeAware. “So four friends and I joined together to make a difference and do something about it. The result was BeAware. We developed the app for the Deaf and optimized it to make it the best possible experience.”

BeAware Features:

  • Alerts: only app that allows the user to turn the phone around into an elite alerting tool with customizable alerts of short or prolonged sounds.
  • Converts speech to text.
  • Text: only app that can read text aloud during live phone calls, assisted by customizable preset phrases.
  • Fastest transcription speeds.
  • While in person: flips text, stores preset phrases, and changes font size for easier reading.
  • Remotely: plays typed text during audio and video calls.
  • Converts ambient noise to visual and haptic alerts.
  • Free for life.
  • Works on iOS (iPhones and Apple watches) and Android.
  • Works in 30+ languages.
  • Works while the app is in the background.
  • Works 100% off-grid.

BeAware at CES 2024 & Availability

BeAware will be at CES 2024, Booth #60464 at the Venetian Expo, Eureka Park, Level 1, Hall G. The BeAware apps will be demoed through a hearing experiment, where consenting booth visitors wear earplugs and try to communicate with a hearing person and then communicate with the app. For more information, see the websites: https://conferencecaptioning.com/, https://medicalsubtitles.com/, and https://www.deafassistant.com/.

Schedule press meetings at the show at: https://calendly.com/beaware-deaf-assistant/ces-2024.

The BeAware Conference Captioning, HealthScribe, and d/Deaf Assistant apps are available immediately for free for iOS on the App Store at: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/beaware-deaf-assistant/id1609670787, for Android on the Google Play store at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beaware.deafassistant, and at the websites:https://conferencecaptioning.com/, www.medicalsubtitles.com, and https://www.deafassistant.com/.

About BeAware

Award-winning BeAware is an expert in technology products for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Founded around inclusivity and accessibility to help make Deaf peoples’ lives easier with everyday actions that are more inclusive and diverse, BeAware’s free apps are available in 50 countries and 30+ languages and are designed to make the world safer and easier for Deaf people worldwide. For more information, see the website at: https://www.deafassistant.com/.

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