Behavioral Signals in OMDIA Report on AI Applications for FinServs

The report analyzes several market issues surrounding AI in finance and use cases that will impact the industry in the next five years

An OMDIA focus report titled ‘Focus Report: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Financial Services’ included Behavioral Signals in its discussion of use cases and technologies that will impact the financial technology industry from 2020 to 2025. The report, authored by Keith Kirkpatrick, Principal Analyst, Artificial Intelligence, analyzes 24 use cases using 5 artificial intelligence technologies to get an understanding of the current climate of the market, the impact COVID-19 has had on the banking and finance industry, and the major players and technologies set to impact the industry in the next five years. The report Omdia forecasts that AI software revenue for financial services use cases will grow from $2.0bn in 2020 to $9.1bn in 2025.

“Including Behavioral Signals in this report shows the impact that voice technology is having, not only on the banking and finance sector, but in this COVID-19 reality we now live in,” said Rana Gujral, CEO of Behavioral Signals. “Not only is the AI-Mediated Conversations technology from Behavioral Signals the future of Emotion AI, but it is presently helping address current challenges and increase revenue.”

Behavioral Signals is listed among 13 companies addressed in the report as key industry players. Highlighting the company’s AI algorithms, and proprietary ML algorithm, OMDIA notes Behavioral Signals as one of the AI technology providers to the banking and financial services industry that can potentially increase revenue between now and 2025.

Headquartered in Los Angeles and with offices across Europe, Behavioral Signals and its proprietary Oliver API enhances communication between humans and human-to-machine by deducing intelligent and actionable insights from voice using deep learning and NLP.  A new level of customer understanding using its advanced acoustics engine helps to not only discover genuine emotion but also predict the speaker’s intent via behavioral analysis.

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