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Behavox launched Behavox Insider Threat

Behavox, the leading provider of AI-driven compliance and security solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Behavox Insider Threat, a powerful product designed to address internal security risks by securing the human element within organizations. Developed in close partnership with Shawnee Delaney, CEO of Valliance Group, Behavox Insider Threat leverages large language models and generative AI, incorporating Shawnee’s extensive experience and valuable feedback into its development.

Recognizing the critical vulnerability posed by human risk within organizations, Behavox Insider Threat emerges as a groundbreaking solution that proactively mitigates internal security risks.

Behavox Insider Threat monitors text and voice communication channels, seamlessly integrating with over 150 different communication tools. By analyzing these channels, Behavox Insider Threat safeguards organizations from a wide range of insider threats, including flight risk, espionage, sabotage, data exfiltration, sharing of credentials, workplace violence, unauthorized interactions with foreign state actors, and more. In addition, our proprietary behavioral indicators (predispositions and stressors) help identify vulnerable and malicious individuals within organizations, enabling proactive intervention and risk mitigation.

To celebrate the launch of Behavox Insider Threat, Behavox is hosting an exclusive panel discussion event in Washington, DC, on September 19, 2023. Moderated by Shawnee Delaney, this gathering will bring together thought leaders in cybersecurity from various industries and government agencies, fostering meaningful discussions around the complexities of securing the human element within organizations.

“We are excited to introduce Behavox Insider Threat, a product that helps organizations secure the human element and mitigate internal security risks,” said Fahreen Kurji, Chief Customer Intelligence Officer (CCIO) of Behavox. “By collaborating closely with Shawnee Delaney and incorporating her extensive experience and valuable feedback, we have developed a robust solution that empowers organizations to stay ahead of insider threats. The roundtable event will provide an invaluable opportunity for cybersecurity thought leaders across industries and government agencies to explore the capabilities of Behavox Insider Threat.”

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