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Belong.Life announced the launch of Tara

New Solution Named ‘Tara’ Provides Embeddable and Scalable Patient Engagement Platform for Hospitals, Health Systems and CROs.

Tara Expands Belong’s Proven Clinical Matching Services to Thousands More Patients.

Belong.Life, a leading global provider of high-engagement patient communities and care platforms, today announced the launch of Tara, a SaaS-based conversational AI cancer clinical trial matching platform for health providers and contract research organizations (CROs). The solution is designed to accelerate the process of matching patients with eligible clinical trials, enabling increased recruitment at significantly lower costs. Tara is the second product in Belong’s AI Health Mentor suite of solutions, following the launch of Dave, the world’s first conversational AI oncology mentor.

Tara utilizes Belong’s proprietary conversational AI technology to proactively engage in conversation with patients. It requests essential information including diagnosis, cancer type, mutation and treatment history and can even scan relevant medical files to collect comprehensive information to assist with clinical trial matching. Available as a SaaS solution for providers, hospitals, health systems, CROs and other organizations, the technology can be embedded into websites, mobile apps or text messaging platforms to enable easy communication with opt-in patients.

“We are dedicated to creating effective and responsible AI solutions that are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the healthcare industry,” said Irad Deutsch, Co-founder and CTO of Belong.Life. “Belong’s proprietary conversational AI technology, built upon seven years of real-world patient journey data, along with our proven success in clinical trial matching, are  testament to our commitment to transform healthcare. Tara is a comprehensive solution that provides patients with empathetic and precise support while enabling providers to engage in new effective ways to meet their goals.”

Following the user’s conversation with Tara, a summary is sent to the Belong clinical trial matching team who utilize additional Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze all available cancer clinical trials around the globe in real time to match patients based on their unique situation and geographical location. The customizable platform also allows health systems to direct patients to in-house resources and clinical trials. Patients are generally matched to relevant clinical trials within three days and can be connected directly to managing sites.

“Since our founding, Belong has provided clinical trial matching services to more than 30,000 patients,” said Eliran Malki, CEO and Co-founder of Belong.Life. “Tara is a natural extension of our services, helping to optimize clinical trial matching to benefit stakeholders with increased patient recruitment, improved randomization, and reduced costs and logistical challenges. Tara will enable more patients around the world to access clinical trials.”

There are currently more than 136,000 clinical trials available in the U.S. but existing databases are hard to navigate, and participation criteria are often difficult to decipher, making it challenging for patients to identify relevant trials. Additionally, many patients don’t know that clinical trials are an option. A study published by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) found that 46% of surveyed oncology patients were not aware that clinical trials may be a viable option.

“Clinical trial participation is an important treatment option for cancer patients, sometimes the only option, and crucial for medical advancement” said Dr. Raanan Berger, Director of the Jusidman Cancer Center, Sheba Medical Center. “The process of finding relevant trials for patients can be long and complex, often requiring supplementary assistance alongside the primary care provided by oncologists. Belong’s technology is well positioned to make a positive impact on patients, providers and the wider healthcare ecosystem by facilitating broader access to potentially lifesaving treatments.”

Belong’s patient-centric oncology app, Belong Beating Cancer Together, provides support groups, access to medical professionals, customized educational content, and disease management tools, including a digital medical binder and clinical trial matching service. Belong’s AI oncology mentor, Dave, has already received engagement from hundreds of thousands of cancer patients and caregivers, receiving positive reviews and feedback.

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