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Benefits of using deep data analytics in SOC: Semico Research

New white paper quantifies the total business impact of health and performance monitoring

proteanTecs, a global leader of deep data analytics for health and performance monitoring of advanced electronics, announced today that industry analyst firm Semico Research has published a market report on the benefits of using deep data analytics in SoC design and development. The 24-page report titled “Deep Data Analytics Accelerating SoC Product Development” demonstrates how SoC manufacturers can leverage advanced monitoring to optimize and manage the process of SoC design, manufacturing, testing, bring-up and deployment. Download the complete white paper here.

The assessment includes a head-to-head comparison of two companies designing a similar multicore SoC on a 5nm technology node. Key findings show that using deep data analytics:

  • Accelerates time-to-market by 20-25% (equivalent to six months in this example), ensuring the product is first to market and able to capitalize on this advantage.
  • Reduces design and development costs by nearly $25M, amounting to a 9% cost savings.
  • Leads to a higher quality product by improving performance by 15-18%, depending on the device complexity and process technology used.

“The emergence of deep data analytics is highly beneficial to the semiconductor industry, SoC designers and architects, system integrators and end users,” said Rich Wawryzniak, principal analyst at Semico Research. “While every product development is unique, our analysis clearly shows how proteanTecs’ cross-functional approach is driving new value by empowering companies to understand issues and tackle new challenges.”

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