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Berry Consultants Acquires ADDPLAN® Clinical Trial Software

ADDPLAN® complements Berry Consultants FACTS software to provide users a suite of software tools for adaptive clinical trial design and simulation

Berry Consultants, LLC announced today that it has acquired ownership of ADDPLAN® software from ICON plc. ADDPLAN® is a stand-alone software used to design, simulate, and analyze innovative adaptive clinical trials with functionality for all phases of clinical development. ADDPLAN’s functionality includes modules for adaptive multiple comparison procedures, population enrichment designs, dose finding designs, and with the multiple comparison procedure and modeling (MCPMod) approach that complements Berry Consultants existing software FACTS (Fixed and Adaptive Clinical Trial Simulator). With this acquisition, Berry Consultants now provides biostatisticians a one-stop shop for a suite of software tools for adaptive clinical trial design and can accelerate development efforts going forward for both products. As part of the agreement, ICON will provide support and transitional assistance to Berry Consultants for a smooth and seamless transition for existing ADDPLAN® customers.

“We very much appreciate the confidence of ICON to carry the ADDPLAN® software forward,” said Dr. Scott Berry, President of Berry Consultants. “ADDPLAN® combined with FACTS provides biostatisticians two very powerful, but different tools all now under the same support, development, and consulting model of Berry Consultants. Berry Consultants will be able to advise clients the appropriate software solution for their individual need. This is another step forward for Berry Consultants driving simulations and innovation across all clinical trials.”

Director of Software Solutions for Berry Consultants, Tom Parke, added, “I’ve been an admirer of the ADDPLAN® software for some years, and really like the way its scope is very complementary to that of our trial simulation software FACTS. I am delighted about this opportunity and appreciate ICON partnering with us on ADDPLAN’s future development. We intend to keep both products (ADDPLAN® and FACTS) separate for the initial few years, further understand the users’ needs and challenges, and then look for development opportunities of integrating some of the features of both products together into one solution. These are truly exciting times for innovative trial design and simulation software tools.”

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