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Better AI Launches New Personal Assistant for Busy Families

Better Ai launches a new personal assistant designed to take the mental load (dubbed parent-brain) off of busy parents.

The new AI powered personal assistant works via text and can help families manage calendar events, search within calendars, store personal information and send reminders. With no download necessary and no steep learning curve, the Better Ai assistant works more like a friend than a new piece of technology. Try it free for 30 days at

“I started Better Ai as a way to accelerate the transition of ‘user-managed’ technology to ‘technology-managed’ technology. Too many apps and too many screens are taking away from life, not adding to it! My vision is to help people and families by building a trustworthy, reliable and intelligent assistant that you can welcome into your home to simplify life and preserve mental energy for the more important things in life.” 

–  Blair Stewart, CEO and Founder of Better Ai

With an overwhelming amount of ‘day-to-day life’ apps to choose from including calendars, to-do-lists, scheduling, polls and so many more, parents don’t need another app to manage their family life. It is with this knowledge that the Better Ai assistant was developed. Rather than building another app to add to the chaos, the assistant just “does.” It was designed to remove the work it takes to start using a new technology, and rather communicate with you as a real-life assistant would via text.

“I used to feel like I could remember everything, but trying to keep track of three calendars, to-do lists, and miscellaneous numbers (who knows their Known Traveller # by heart?) means something always falls to the wayside. I don’t think I even realized how much I had going on in my head before using Better Ai. All I have to do is send a text to set a reminder or save something for future reference? A literal life saver. Better Ai is super easy to use and best of all, saves me so much time and mental energy!”

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