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Bionic Integrates with Wiz to Unify Cloud Application Security

Integration combines Bionic’s next-gen application security with Wiz’s next-gen cloud security to enable every company to secure their cloud infrastructure, applications, and workloads at scale

Bionic, the industry’s first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform, today announced a product integration with cloud security leader Wiz to provide customers with an agentless way to unify and scale their cloud and application security posture in production. With this integration, DevSecOps teams now have complete visibility and context into which cloud security vulnerabilities impact business applications and sensitive data flows so they can prioritize and resolve threats faster, before their cloud infrastructure, applications, and business are impacted.

According to Google Cloud’s 2022 State of DevOps Report, high-performing development teams ship code multiple times per day on average, but security teams struggle to secure cloud-based applications at the same pace of innovation. As a result, many business-critical risks go undetected and unresolved for days – or weeks.  To solve this, Bionic partnered with Wiz to unify cloud and application security posture at scale in production. More specifically, customers can see all of their critical vulnerabilities in one place to determine which are exploitable, or have significant business risk.

“There is nothing more business-critical for enterprises than identifying and mitigating risk. As organizations migrate and innovate using hybrid clouds they need to protect their cloud- and application security posture at the same pace that engineers ship code,” said Eyal Mamo, Bionic co-founder and CTO. “With this integration, we are proud to combine Bionic’s best-in-breed application security with Wiz’s best-in-breed cloud security to provide customers with full cyber-risk coverage. With a birds eye view of threats from development through production, customers are able to find and fix the greatest risks to their businesses.”

Wiz provides cloud, infrastructure, OS, and workload context, which Bionic augments with application, API, service and data flow context. Together, Wiz and Bionic provide customers with an agentless way to unify and scale their cloud and application security posture in production. Instead of detecting and managing hundreds of vulnerabilities, teams can now prioritize and remediate the topline critical risks before the business or their customers are impacted.

Features and benefits of the integration include:

  • Unified security posture of cloud applications and APIs running in production
  • Continuous feedback to engineering teams on critical risks created by CI/CD changes
  • Contextualized view of prioritized vulnerabilities, attack surfaces, and risks to application and business
  • Access to governed, secure, and protected sensitive application data flows (e.g. PII, PHI, PCI)
  • Detected and governed  application architecture drift (e.g. new dependencies, attack surfaces)

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