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Blameless announces New CommsFlow Upgrade

New Enhancements to Blameless CommsFlow Help Engineering Teams Modernize Their Incident Response Process, Deliver Higher-Quality Retrospectives at a Faster Pace

Blameless, the leading reliability management platform, today announces significant upgrades to its automated communication tool, CommsFlow. This new enhancement introduces a groundbreaking feature that enables triggering and messaging based on changes to incident tags, allowing for more dynamic communication to stakeholders.

The New Upgrade to CommsFlow

Since its initial introduction in January 2022, CommsFlow has revolutionized incident communication by automatically distributing editable messages to pertinent teams. This innovative tool seamlessly sends messages across diverse channels like email, SMS, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring a clear line of communication during crucial moments. By facilitating the setup of designated incident response channels and creating personalized, automated communication flows, Blameless has effectively eliminated communication barriers.

The latest upgrade to CommsFlow marks a pivotal step forward in incident communication dynamics. By allowing custom tags to trigger a messaging workflow, Blameless empowers teams to apply automated communication more dynamically and effectively. With this advancement, a multitude of benefits are realized:

  • Customizable Alerts: Teams can now trigger tailored alerts whenever a tag is added or removed from an incident. This feature empowers organizations to address diverse and intricate scenarios effectively, keeping stakeholders informed.
  • Seamless Tag Management: Adding or removing tags to incidents is achieved with a single command in Slack. This streamlines the communication process without disrupting focus or workflow.
  • Multi-Channel Alerts: Alerts can be dispatched through multiple channels including Slack, email, and SMS, ensuring timely visibility and response.
  • Recipient-Specific Alerts: Tailored alerts can be directed to specific recipient groups, facilitating precise orchestration of action and communication flow.

“Effective incident communication is essential in maintaining operational excellence. With the upgraded CommsFlow, we’re empowering engineering teams to manage incidents efficiently without compromising their workflow. These enhancements further solidify Blameless’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that simplify complex challenges,” said Jim Gochee, CEO of Blameless.

Engineers often face the challenge of balancing focused incident resolution work with the need for transparent communication. CommsFlow addresses this dilemma by automating stakeholder communications triggered by incident status changes. With the addition of tag-triggered communication, the process becomes even more nuanced and adaptable. For instance, notifying specific customers when a particular service experiences disruption can now be executed seamlessly through tagged incident triggers.

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