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Blue announces a new partnership with Zinia

Fintech lender, Blue, has announced a new partnership with Zinia, the pioneering Decision Intelligence company, to supercharge AI driven decisions across the business.

Blue is a technology-focused lender delivering innovative motor finance solutions to more than 260,000 customers to date. Leveraging Zinia Decision Intelligence AI platform, Blue will enhance its in-house AI and machine learning capabilities to further drive towards optimal decisioning for customers across its business, from Underwriting to Operations, increasing business returns and further enriching customer experience throughout its processes.

Zinia empowers organizations to optimize their business outcomes with Decision Intelligence AI. The company’s cloud hosted platform, hosts powerful AI algorithms under a super intuitive user interface, designed for businesses to build AI models directly linked with business objectives, right from optimising price, increasing sales to devising operational strategy. With a Human-centric design, Zinia platform supercharges data teams to reach from data to optimal decisions in no time.

Tamsin Harriman, Director of Analytics at Blue, commented: “Blue has been revolutionising the used car market by applying tech, data and analytics to deliver high levels of acceptances across the risk spectrum, fast decisioning and high levels of convenience. Our Data Science initiatives have been at the centre of the digital transformation of the business. By partnering with Zinia, we can further scale Decision Intelligence AI, using the latest data and AI technology available to render hyper personalised and truly customer centric solutions.”

Aashutosh Mishra, Co-Founder and CEO, Zinia, added: “Zinia’s new approach is effective for anybody who wants to use AI to improve processes, grow sales, enhance customer experiences or optimise decision-making, but not lose sight of how AI is generating insights. Our Decision Intelligence platform allows for a Human-in-the-loop approach with varying degrees of reliance on AI models, which is required for different use cases in the Financial Services industry. We are excited to be partnering with Blue to support their internal teams with our multi award winning AI platform, that allows a no-code approach to build and use most advanced AI models leading to faster and better decisions across the business.”

Zinia ( enables organizations to optimize their business outcomes with Decision Intelligence AI. Zinia is an award-winning start-up backed by marquee investors, serving customers in Financial Services across different geographies.

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