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BONA Released Two Latest Household Robot Vacuum Cleaners

BONA Robot, an expert in the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner industry, demonstrated their two latest products at the CES 2021 online: BL900-AI LDS robot vacuum cleaner and BV332AL-self-cleaning LDS robot vacuum cleaner with automatic dust collection docking station. Both of the latest products are developed independently by BONA, which has higher parameters and excellent performance in this industry.

The newly released Vacuum Cleaner Robot BL900, leading the brand new series called “Starry Sky” in BONA, is a household vacuum cleaner that combines future aesthetic design combined with cutting-edge technology. The BONA team drew inspiration mainly from Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night and applied it for the new mechanic design. The featured design of the profiled body is unique and eye-catching. Being differed from the common vacuum cleaning robots in home appliance industry, Starry Sky approaches overwhelmingly into global household robot vacuum cleaners market.

Technically, the BL900 model is equipped with elevating laser module and AI camera as location and navigation system that scans 360° full coverage view at the home fast and accurately to build up the map for the house floor. The most advanced AI visual recognition function of robot avoids hitting against different furniture and obstacles. It intelligently recognizes about 10 common objects such as shoes, paper, cable and pens, etc., and avoids to hitting them without bumping or sweeping. The unprecedented automatic lifting laser module is equipped with advanced unmanned ToF sensor, shortens the height of ultra-thin robot body to 89mm within 1.8s, realizes free access to the bottom of more furniture like bed bottoms, sofa and table etc, to increases the cleaning coverage rate significantly for deep clean requirement.

The robot vacuum cleaner makes universal cleaning automatic, but its collected dust and trash in the dust bin get consumer’s hands dirty when they empty the dust bin manually. In case of more dust leakage that annoyed consumers, BONA developed and launched the self-clean robot vacuum cleaner with automatic empty docking station as a perfect solution. Robot automatically goes back to the base after cleaning and all the trash and dust will be collected into the recycle dust bag in the docking station. Therefore, consumers just pull out the dust bag and drop away instead of frequent dust bin cleaning.

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