BrainChip Releases Latest Episode in ‘This is our Mission’ Series

Future of AI technology, one-shot learning and what makes the company stand out among the topics covered in fifth podcast entry

BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN), a leading provider of ultra-low power high performance artificial intelligence technology, today announced that technology investment guru Alex Divinsky will join BrainChip Vice President of Worldwide Sales Rob Telson on the latest “This is our Mission” podcast episode designed to provide insight on the Company’s strategy and progress. The 16-minute podcast will be available through the Company’s website,, as well as across all major podcast platforms April 6, at 4:00 p.m. U.S. PDT

With a background in remote sensors and a focus on AI, Divinsky currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy at RMG Media and the host of the popular YouTube Channel, Ticker Symbol: YOU. In this fifth episode of the series, Rob Telson asks Divinsky to detail what he looks for in companies in which he invests; how BrainChip’s technology plays out in real-life, real-time applications; and the importance in developing beneficial AI and the industries that can best leverage this technology.

“With our successful history of developing next-generation AI technologies, we have been able to gain a keen understanding of the industry and how BrainChip plays in that arena,” said Rob Telson. “But it is equally as beneficial to have someone with similar knowledge from outside the company come in and tell us if our experience is in fact a reality. Speaking with Alex about the qualities he looks for from companies in which he invests in and the direction that the market is headed helps investors better understand how the on-chip learning and ultra-low power capabilities of our Akida neural networking processor is bringing AI to products from drones to medical devices. This podcast can’t be missed if you’re looking to understand where artificial intelligence is headed.”

Akida brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that existing technologies are not capable. The solution is high-performance, small, ultra-low power and enables a wide array of edge capabilities. The Akida (NSoC) and intellectual property can be used in applications including Smart Home, Smart Health, Smart City and Smart Transportation. These applications include but are not limited to home automation and remote controls, industrial IoT, robotics, security cameras, sensors, unmanned aircraft, autonomous vehicles, medical instruments, object detection, sound detection, odor and taste detection, gesture control and cybersecurity.

The BrainChip Podcast is a monthly event intended to provide company and industry insight for the engineering community in target markets, as well as analysts, technical and financial press and investors.

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