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Bright Machines Named Winner in 2021 AI Excellence Awards

Bright Machines

The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Bright Machines was named a winner in its Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program. Bright Machines is a full-stack technology company offering a new approach to AI-enabled manufacturing.

The company’s flagship solution, Bright Machines Microfactories, combines intelligent software and adaptive robotics to automate repetitive assembly and inspection tasks, enabling manufacturers to quickly deploy autonomous assembly lines that can scale based on market demand. In less than three years, they have achieved strong momentum across multiple industry verticals, particularly with customers seeking to re-shore manufacturing and accelerate product innovation.

“Our mission from day one has been to enable our customers to increase the speed, scalability, and flexibility of their manufacturing process. By applying advanced machine learning, computer vision, 3D simulation, and cloud computing to the factory floor, we can bring new levels of innovation and productivity to their operations,” said Amar Hanspal, Bright Machines CEO and co-founder. “I’m delighted that our efforts have been recognized by the Business Intelligence Group and we thank them for bringing to light the enormous impact AI will have on the manufacturing industry.”

“We are so proud to name Bright Machines as a winner in our inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer for Business Intelligence Group. “It was clear to our judges that Bright Machines has been able to pioneer a novel solution that makes AI and robotics much more accessible and practical in the manufacturing environment. Congratulations to the entire team!”

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