BroadForward & 1NCE cooperate to meet demands of 5G & beyond

1NCE is utilizing BroadForward’s containerized signaling platform, supporting its own IoT network to become more cost-effective, flexible, and future proof

BroadForward, provider of intelligent signaling software, today announced it has successfully deployed multiple core network routing functions at 1NCE, the first provider of connectivity and software for IoT at a global flat rate. 1NCE is utilizing the BroadForward solution, enabling it to deliver cost-effective and flexible routing services for their worldwide cellular IoT network, and making its network ready for future demands of 5G and beyond.

According to analysts GSMA Intelligence, the global Internet of Things (IoT) market will be worth $900 billion in revenue by 2025. 1NCE is a market leader with over 7,000 customers and 10 million managed connections. They are a market disruptor, not only providing direct access to its networks and roaming partners via 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, NB-IoT and LTE-M in over 100 countries worldwide, but also by offering a highly competitive flat rate IoT data plan.

The routing functions that run on BroadForward’s converged signaling solution, support on-the-fly management of signaling scenarios across all SS7, Diameter and HTTP/2 IoT traffic. The solution supports combining these network functions on the same platform with other BroadForward network products, such as the SS7 and Diameter Firewall as well as the 5G SCP and SEPP. BroadForward has seen a major increase in demand for their solution. Operators cite various reasons for replacement of their legacy equipment, such as products declared End of Life (EOL), network rationalization and cost reduction, as well as High Risk Vendor (HRV) programs enforced by governments and regulators.

Younes Allaki, Chief Technology Officer at 1NCE, commented “Although 5G is growing fast, most of our cellular IoT business is still on 3G and 4G. However, BroadForward helps us to meet future demands by allowing us to easily shift the traffic where it is needed. The cooperation is giving us more flexibility and enables us to rationalize and modernize at the same time – providing us with a converged solution that is future proof towards 5G and beyond.”

BroadForward CEO, Taco Schoute added: “1NCE runs a completely virtualized core network and prides itself on being able to support customers swiftly on all supported network technologies. Whereas the life cycle of legacy products that are designed for specific technologies and use cases are by nature limited, the development of the BroadForward converged signaling solution is open-ended and continuous. Next to support for 2G, 3G and 4G containerized network functions, our solution already supports 5G and will continue to evolve to meet subsequent technology requirements. This approach also won us the 2021 GSMA Award for Best Mobile & Network Software Breakthrough.”

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