BüddyCentral Group and Eagle Intelligent Health Announce Partnership

Providing a telehealth solution so people can access licensed, skilled doctors and receive care where and when they need it.

South Africa. BüddyCentral Group, a South African-based financial services group, is pleased to announce the Beta release of its new platform that enables the people of South Africa to access telehealth services regardless of their location. Additionally, the system helps users create a personal electronic health record they can keep and share as needed. These services are provided through an exclusive licensing agreement with Eagle Intelligent Health, LLC, (“EIH”), a global healthcare technology leader.

“Our group is excited to work with Eagle Intelligent Health on an exclusive basis to bring the app’s benefits to South Africa,” said Lodewyk Spies, Chairman and Co-founder of the BüddyCentral Group. “We believe that healthcare is a basic human right. However, for various reasons, key populations are being left behind regarding healthcare access. It is our responsibility as global citizens to prioritise healthcare by making medical resources more accessible to all communities. We’re thrilled to partner with Eagle Intelligent Health to make this access easier for everyone.”

Eagle Intelligent Health, built on patented technology, allows patients to see skilled physicians and licensed healthcare providers via the free app, regardless of location. In addition, users can get digital work sick notes and prescriptions during their telemedicine visits. Finally, they receive a copy of their electronic medical record they can keep on hand for future use and share with others. The platform allows multiple family members to use the app from the same mobile phone. The telehealth services will be made available by the doctors at no cost to the user for a limited time using the Eagle Intelligent Health platform that connects patients and doctors directly.

“Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, we all must think about new ways to care for our patients. Technology has become our first line of defence to protect ourselves, our patients, and our loved ones. The lessons learned during the last two years have given us a new perspective on how to consult with patients, keep their loved ones in the loop concerning their conditions and progress, and create a history that is in the cloud and is with them for life,” said Dr. Zaheer Kader, Chief Medical Officer and principal MediBüddy, the company in the BüddyCentral group that carries the vision to service patients from all over in a cost-effective manner.

Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-founder of Eagle Intelligent Health said, “Our technology is transforming traditional healthcare as we know it by helping meet the present-day needs of the people in South Africa in an exciting new way. We’re also thrilled to partner with MediBüddy to help close the gap in underserved communities and help reduce health inequalities by ensuring that all South Africans have easy access to healthcare when and where they need it via our user-friendly telehealth solution.”

Eagle Intelligent Health, designed with the patient’s needs at its core, complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act. EIH is revolutionising healthcare by empowering people with a convenient and easy-to-use mobile application that puts individuals in control of their health and wellness. Now the people of South Africa have access to healthcare providers, no matter how far they are from the nearest hospital or clinic, so long as they have cellular service.

The free Eagle Intelligent Health app is available via the Google Play store. Users can create an account today and start managing their family’s healthcare needs from one convenient place.

MediBüddy sees this as a strategic initiative which will complement the groups’ insurance offerings and which will not only make a difference in the lives of individuals but companies alike, keeping their workforce productive, healthy, and looked after. We are also excited about the strategic partnerships we forged with solid South African companies that truly make a difference in the lives of our people. In time we will be able to reveal more about these.

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