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Butterfly Network Advances Medical Imaging with Butterfly iQ+

Canadian healthcare providers can now order iQ+, Butterfly Network’s second-generation handheld device, just over a year after the Canadian launch of its first device.

Butterfly Network, Inc. (NYSE: BFLY) (“Butterfly”) announced today that its second-generation iQ+ has been approved for a Class III Medical Device License in Canada. The iQ+ features the world’s only Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, with several hardware and software advances designed to improve usability and care delivery.

We are excited that the Butterfly iQ+ will now be available for purchase by Canadian medical professionals,” said Todd Fruchterman, MD, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Butterfly Network. “Thousands of new practitioners and millions of patients will now have access to a transformative advanced assessment tool that can deliver valuable insights that enable more informed clinical decisions at the point of care.”

Innovative technology

Butterfly iQ+ will help unlock the power of medical imaging earlier in the treatment journey with an entire suite of advanced imaging features, such as real-time Biplane Imaging™ (the first such feature for a handheld ultrasound device), automatic bladder volume calculation with 3D rendering, Needle Viz™ onscreen needle highlighting, and Pulsed Wave Doppler. It includes Educational View Guidance, which helps clinicians improve their scanning technique by providing a visual indication of the quality of the image being collected. Relative to the first-generation device, the iQ+ is built to perform even more reliably throughout demanding shifts with 20% extended battery life and 15% faster frame rates, and has a smaller form factor that allows for tighter control.

Enterprise imaging software that transforms care

Butterfly iQ+ can be coupled with its integrated enterprise software solution that allows clinicians to scan, document, upload, and review images seamlessly. More integrated workflows and educational resources, including tutorial videos and remote scanning assistance via TeleGuidance™, will allow Canadian healthcare providers to quickly implement Butterfly iQ+ into their practices.

Significant opportunity for impact

The Butterfly iQ+ is well suited for the needs of the Canadian healthcare system, consisting of over 86,000 physicians1 across 830 hospitals2. Demand for Butterfly’s first-generation iQ device, launched in Canada in March 2020, has been very strong. Butterfly iQ+’s advanced features, improved usability, and functionality are expected to further accelerate demand and deliver more value.

With Canada’s approval, Butterfly iQ+ is now available in 20 countries across the world. To purchase Butterfly iQ+, visit

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