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Cachengo Announces Edge AI Solution for Local Computer Vision

Computer Vision

An Alternative to Cloud and Data Center Analytics

Computer Vision applications such as facial recognition are best done where the data is captured.  This can be difficult when depending on data center or cloud processing of data. Cachengo is announcing the introduction of an on-prem optimized edge service with proprietary CDN technology and advanced analytics workload management designed to be located at the data source. This purpose-built environment for Computer Vision analytics provides the right combination of security, scale, economics and performance. 

“Just as the cloud has forever changed how business looks at data centers, analytics at the edge where the data is being generated will unlock possibilities not previously contemplated.  Managing data where it resides creates the ability to provide new levels of service and insight that will drive the industry forward.” –Tim Coyle, CIO of ISO a Verisk Analytics Company

“Cachengo’s full-stack approach to enabling their customers to easily deploy compelling edge use cases such as computer vision is unique. From their compact and scalable hardware platforms equipped with GPUs and TPUs, to their network stack, to an integrated orchestration and cloud management framework with an app marketplace, Cachengo has managed to tie together key edge components customers today grapple with.” -Roy Chua, AvidThink

“The Cachengo product is a jumpstart to Edge Processing with a highly secure, easy to use and economical deployment package that can reduce network transport by ~85% and core processing ~75% by processing the raw data locally.” Steve Westmoreland,  Aerospace Information Security Architect

Edge Architecture Redefined

The Cachengo Edge AI for Local Computer Vision is the optimal combination of management, networking, and hardware that enables analytical data at the edge. Cachengo Portal’s zero touch deployment for Cachengo nodes can integrate existing infrastructure with a single command. Once integrated, devices can be added to Peer Groups to establish P2P connections securely and without the use of VPNs or port forwarding.

Cachengo Edge AI Architecture

“The edge is where innovation is happening due to the rapid growth of data and network bandwidth, and this is where the processing needs to happen,” said Ash Young, CEO of Cachengo, “Cachengo brings the power to the edge through our turnkey solutions.” 

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