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Cado Security Raises $1.5 mn Seed Funding for Cloud-Native Forensics

Cado Security (, provider of the world’s first cloud-native cyber forensics and response platform Cado Response, today announced the close of a $1.5 million seed round led by Ten Eleven Ventures, the original Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity venture capital firm. Cado Security will use the funding to expand its development team in the United Kingdom.

Traditional tools used to investigate cyber-attacks cannot assess potential impacts on cloud or container infrastructure. To accurately determine impact, companies have historically needed extensive time and a substantial budget to spend on third-party resources with cloud expertise. Regulatory requirements now mandate that companies move even quicker and more thoroughly in the aftermath of an incident. Companies are hard-pressed to find a solution that can help them respond quickly, efficiently, and with confidence, especially in the cloud.

Founders James Campbell and Christopher Doman started Cado Security after their extensive professional experiences helping security teams worldwide navigate this issue. They found security professionals were frustrated by the inadequacy of traditional tools to address cloud infrastructure, as well as the overall time requirement and cost of investigations. Cado’s platform, Cado Response, is an agentless, cloud-native forensics solution that allows security professionals to quickly and comprehensively understand an incident’s impact across all environments, including cloud and containers as well as on-premise systems.

“Finding the root cause of security incidents in cloud or container environments is incredibly difficult. Traditional tools don’t support these new environments, and there is a shortage of people who know both forensics and cloud security,” said CEO James Campbell, formerly Director, Cyber Threat Detection and Response at PricewaterhouseCoopers. “Our Cado Response platform completely changes how security professionals can respond to incidents in the cloud.”

Ten Eleven Ventures General Partner Mark Hatfield, who will join the Cado Security board of directors, added, “The adoption of cloud infrastructure creates many problems for security professionals. We know that forensics in cloud environments is a real pain point. The Cado team has built an elegant and flexible solution that will allow security teams to rapidly respond to incidents in a comprehensive, cross-platform way that will decrease the risks imposed by any one incident, and actually make the company safer going forward. We’re really excited to work alongside James and Chris to help bring their technology to companies around the world.”

Cado Security is currently opening early access to its Cado Response platform to beta customers. Cado also offers a number of free tools on its website to assist security teams. These include Cado Live, a tool to move entire copies of on-premise systems to cloud storage, and Cado Cloud Collector, a tool to copy AWS EC2 instances for forensic analysis.

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