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CAI Attains Elite UiPath Services Network Certification

Technology services firm delivers expert-level hyperautomation across all enterprise functions

CAI, a global technology services firm, today announced it achieved the highest level of UiPath technical accreditation by receiving UiPath Services Network (USN) certification. This select group of UiPath global partners with advanced certification have the expertise and advanced delivery skills required to build and scale end-to-end automation for their clients. UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, and CAI utilize a combination of robotic process automation (RPA) tools and consultative guidance to improve companies’ process efficiencies. Efficiency is achieved by reducing time spent on manual tasks and reallocating employees’ attention to higher value projects.

With constant global change, organizations’ success is dependent on their ability to adapt and innovate for a virtual work environment. According to Gartner, orchestrating digital business effectively requires hyperautomation tools to identify, vet and automate business and IT processes.1 By leveraging process-agnostic software including RPA, artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code application platforms, Gartner expects organizations to reduce operational costs by 30% by 2024.2

Following the USN vetting process and proving success with real-world client projects, CAI is accredited and certified as having advanced delivery skills on par with the UiPath Professional Services team. The USN Certification demonstrates the CAI team’s in-depth knowledge and best practices in automation design, development, business process analysis, infrastructure and architecture planning required to scale end-to-end automation for clients around the globe.

“RPA is a critical part of a well-rounded digital transformation strategy,” said Matt Peters, Chief Technology Officer of CAI. “AI-powered digital processes skyrocket productivity by removing time-consuming tasks so that thought-intensive work can be completed more effectively. With the use of UiPath’s bots, CAI and our clients see direct ROI in all areas of business.”

“Companies are rapidly advancing new business models and digitizing their operations, and automation is at the center of their strategy,” said Cheryln Chin, Vice President, Global Partners and Alliances at UiPath. “Enterprise automation offers fast time to value and a high return on investment, and can be applied in nearly every area of the business. As a USN member, CAI can enable their customers’ automation initiatives to be successful from the start and expand for maximum potential as needs for software robots grow.”

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