Calix ProtectIQ To Stop Hundreds of Monthly Cyberattacks Per Home

Amid cyberattacks exploding to 105 percent worldwide, Calix sees a 90 percent increase in adoption of ProtectIQ, a sticky service in Revenue EDGE Suites that adds an extra layer of protection to keep homes and businesses safe from cyber threats, so even the smallest broadband service provider can drive revenue, reduce churn, and deepen trust

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that, in just one year, 90 percent more broadband service providers (BSPs) are defending their subscribers from cyber intrusions by building on their managed Wi-Fi packages to offer ProtectIQ™. The rapid mainstreaming of remote work, global instability, and the exploding connected device market have led to more cyberattacks targeting homes and businesses. Fortune reported a 105 percent increase in ransomware cyberattacks worldwide in 2021, attributed to the surge in remote work outside office networks. ProtectIQ is a network-level security application that works quietly in the background to keep malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from subscribers’ homes and businesses. Accessed through Calix EDGE Suites, ProtectIQ adoption is skyrocketing as more BSPs are offering this turnkey premium service to eliminate frustrating calls about malware-infected devices, strengthen subscriber relationships, expand brand trust, and potentially increase average revenue per user. By adding this impactful service to their custom branded CommandIQ® mobile app, even the smallestBSP can secure their community, grow subscriber loyalty, and increase revenue in the process.

These BSPs adopted ProtectIQ to defend their subscribers. As a result, they are seeing explosive app adoption and engagement:

  • Canadian Fiber Optics blocks 100 threats per subscriber monthly and increased app adoption by 278 percent. Canadian Fiber Optics made app adoption a priority. First, they leveraged Calix Marketing Cloud to find the best subscribers to target with tailored communications. Then, they made campaign updates in real-time with the help of their customer success manager from Calix. As a result, Canadian Fiber Optics predicts a 246 percent growth in CommandIQ adoption and 6,200 percent growth in ProtectIQ adoption in just six months.
  • Mount Horeb Telephone Company blocks 25 threats per subscriber monthly and grew overall app adoption by 132 percent. Mount Horeb Telephone Company (MHTC) in Wisconsin has seen a 288 percent increase in ProtectIQ subscriptions since they started the campaign in October of 2021. They have also achieved 79 percent adoption of ProtectIQ, nearly doubling the addressable market for future upsells.
  • CentraCom achieved 76 percent adoption of ProtectIQ in six months. The popularity of ProtectIQ and its regular cybersecurity updates helped drive75 percent more subscribers to adopt Utah-based CentraCom’s personalized mobile app, CentraWiFi Hub (built on CommandIQ).
  • Centranet reached 94 percent adoption of its EDGE Suites in the first two months of adding ProtectIQ. The Oklahoma-based provider reached an 84 percent adoption rate of their Centranet app this year, which is built on CommandIQ. Centranet incorporated the app into their installation process, ensuring their subscribers can benefit from the Centranet app and EDGE Suites immediately, answering demand for easy-to-manage cybersecurity services.

The United Nations identified a 600 percent increase in malicious emails in 2020. Today, subscribers are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated cyber threats to their homes and businesses. Device-based security is almost impossible to maintain as each home now holds a double-digit list of connected devices that are notoriously clunky to update. Statista predicts 75 billion connected devices will be in use worldwide by 2025, demonstrating that the complexity of home cybersecurity is growing. Offered in EDGE Suites, ProtectIQ leverages a large cloud database of known virus, intrusion, and ransomware threats. By looking for the specific signatures of these threats in real-time, ProtectIQ terminates the transfer of data before a malicious payload is delivered and provides subscribers with timely notifications within the CommandIQ app. By offering ProtectIQ security, the BSP protects the entire home or business network and gives subscribers an added layer of protection for connected devices.

“For the BSP that is focused on improving the lives of their subscribers while raising the well-being of the community, offering ProtectIQ to secure the home network is not an option—it is their duty. The average subscriber is up against impossible odds as cybercriminals and rogue states attack with an incredible level of sophistication. The BSP is in the best position to offer that protection and prove how much they truly care about their subscribers,” said Michael Weening, president and chief operating officer at Calix. “The BSP that brands ProtectIQ and puts that service into a subscriber’s home or business is making their brand synonymous with security and trust—values that any brand would be proud of. Every day, when the CommandIQ app that proudly displays their brand notifies the subscriber of a stopped threat, the BSP’s subscriber loyalty grows.”

Learn more about how ProtectIQ, in Calix Revenue EDGE Suites, is helping BSPs respond to subscribers’ increased cybersecurity concerns.

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