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CallDeflectAI Helps Address Staff Shortages in Contact Centers

DayaMed – a medication adherence service – implements Orbita’s generative AI solution to reduce call volume

Orbita, a leading provider of AI-powered virtual assistants and workflow automation for healthcare, has launched its CallDeflectAI solution that addresses the overwhelming call volumes plaguing healthcare organizations that are simultaneously challenged by staff shortages. One client that has adopted the technology is DayaMed, a company which helps patients manage their prescriptions – in turn supporting provider organizations seeking ways to reduce medical complications and hospitalizations while improving quality metrics.

CallDeflectAI is a conversational virtual assistant deployed on provider websites to answer routine patient questions. Drawing from client-approved content, the Orbita solution leverages the latest generative AI technologies like GPT so virtual assistants can be created more quickly and inexpensively.

“It is impossible to have staff available 24/7 to answer all questions, especially with current labor shortages and high turnover rates,” said Michael Swanson, chief operating officer at DayaMed, which adopted CallDeflectAI in May. “CallDeflectAI means individuals who want to learn more about us can come to the website whenever convenient to get their questions answered, even at 2 a.m. They don’t have to wait.” This frees staff to interact more meaningfully with the subset of users requiring personalized service and helps patients get the information they need to better manage their health.

“CallDeflectAI is very easy to use and initial reaction has been that it’s ‘really cool,’” Swanson adds, noting that the virtual assistant allows users to ask follow-up questions and get accurate, in-context replies.

CallDeflectAI leverages the proven expertise Orbita demonstrates with artificial intelligence. Natural language processing means users can pose questions using familiar words and phrases, and conversational dialogs probe for more details so answers are delivered in context. The generative AI layer adds immediate access to comprehensive information responsive to the user’s needs. CallDeflectAI ingests only documents provided by the provider to ensure accuracy and security.

“The industry has been hesitant to adopt virtual assistants because conventional ‘bad bots’ were more frustrating than helpful,” said Patty Riskind, CEO. “Orbita solves these problems with virtual assistants that support interactive conversations built on proprietary content ingested via generative AI. Today’s patient is familiar with digital tools. CallDeflectAI meets the demand for a consumer-friendly experience while allowing providers to dedicate overextended staff to the most critical and high-value interactions.”

Orbita currently offers a 30-day free trial of CallDeflectAI, with the promise that it can be launched within one business day.

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