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CancerLinQ Enables Learning Network and Precision Oncology Solutions

CancerLinQ®, the precision oncology care and research platform, originally founded by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO®) and now an initiative of ConcertAI, deploys advanced clinical informatics solutions as a ‘learning network’ to enable the latest clinical pathways, patient-level insights, and advanced research solutions. At the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting, CancerLinQ is announcing three new initiatives, each as new features under the SmartLinQ application already widely deployed across oncology care settings:

  • ASCO Certified is a new certification program announced by ASCO in October 2023. Current ASCO Certified measures are now available within SmartLinQ.
  • RxLinQ is a precision medicine feature in SmartLinQ that identifies patients who are potentially eligible for newly approved, molecularly targeted therapies using advanced methods that go “beyond the biomarker.”
  • TriaLinQ is a SmartLinQ feature designed to simplify and reduce the burden on clinical trial staff through practice-optimized workflows, which can increase patient matching to complex clinical trial enrollment criteria through intelligent screening.

“The pace of progress in oncology is breathtaking,” said Louis Culot, General Manager of CancerLinQ. “Supporting a diverse of oncology care providers across new drug approvals, new diagnostic modalities and alternative clinical research options  – requires a learning network approach founded on clinical AI and advanced clinical informatics. At CancerLinQ, we are privileged to be working with leading oncology centers at the forefront of these innovations.”

CancerLinQ, founded by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO®), became a ConcertAI initiative late in 2023. As part of this transition, ASCO and CancerLinQ formed a long-term cooperation agreement and commitment to continue providing quality solutions and SaaS technologies for the oncology community.


CancerLinQ is introducing RxLinQ, a precision medicine enabler of SmartLinQ, identifies patients who are potentially eligible for newly approved therapies.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces administrative burden of monitoring each patient to determine eligibility for new therapies 
  • Improves outcomes by using a “Partial Match” list to indicate patients who could be eligible for a genomic test and targeted therapy
  • Improves population health by matching to both established and newly seen patients
  • Automates the monitoring and notification of new approvals, allowing teams to focus on other priorities 


TriaLinQ provides patient-to-trial matching within the SmartLinQ solution.  TriaLinQ streamlines the screening, study eligibility confirmation, and enrollment processes. The solution supports investigator initiated and industry sponsored trials, automates manual tasks, enhances precision of individual patient eligibility reviews, and ensure diverse patient inclusion.

Benefits include:

  • A goal to increase the yield and matching of patients to trials, especially complex trials, based on automated data workflows
  • Increase in patient treatment options by expanding access to clinical trials
  • Minimization of labor-intensive manual pre-screening tasks to identify eligible patients

ASCO Certification

In October 2023, ASCO announced ASCO Certified, a new set of quality measures and tools that build on ASCO’s long-standing Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®). CancerLinQ has provided automated solutions for QOPI Certification™ and now, under the ASCO-CancerLinQ agreement, will develop and deploy ASCO Certified solutions. ASCO Certified not only represents a comprehensive set of measures that incorporate the latest clinical treatment quality guidance, but it is also designed to enable patient-centered practice transformation that aligns with the oncology medical home standards co-developed by ASCO and the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) in 2021. In addition, for practices employing Elsevier ClinicalPath, CancerLinQ and Elsevier have agreed to streamline the reporting and submission process, facilitating both quality measures and required pathways metrics.

Learn more about all these new initiatives at the CancerLinQ booth (#14013) at the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting or visit

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