CareCloud Acknowledged as Ideal Solution for Small & Large Practices

CareCloud, Inc. (Nasdaq: CCLD, CCLDP, CCLDO), a leader in healthcare technology solutions for medical practices and health systems nationwide, today announced it has received a favorable review by Forbes. Forbes highlighted CareCloud’s ability to cater to both small and large practices while offering advanced analtics to facilitate data-driven decision making.

In an article published in Forbes Advisor, the renowned business publication highlights CareCloud’s user-friendly, comprehensive features and its ability to streamline operations for medical practices of all sizes. The review applauds CareCloud’s user-friendly interface, advanced billing capabilities, and robust reporting tools, which enable healthcare providers to optimize their practice efficiency and financial performance. The review notes CareCloud’s intuitive scheduling module, which facilitates appointment management and reduces patient wait times. Additionally, the software’s mobile app enables healthcare providers to access patient records, schedule appointments, and submit claims on-the-go, enhancing the flexibility and convenience for medical professionals.

CareCloud’s solutions reviewed by Forbes include:

  • CareCloud Concierge: a revenue cycle management solution that relieves the burden of collections, empowers providers to prioritize patient care, and boosts profitability while eliminating administrative complexities.
  • CareCloud Centrala medical practice management solution that automates daily tasks, eliminates office management bottlenecks, and goes beyond medical billing software to streamline workflows, facilitate seamless department handoffs, and provide real-time analytics for informed business performance.
  • CareCloud Charts: the user-friendly and intuitive electronic health record that revolutionizes healthcare management with its robust reporting, analytics, and customizable features. This empowers providers to gain valuable insights into patient care and practice performance, while seamlessly integrating with third-party applications for streamlined data exchange and improved interoperability.

Forbes also highlights the effectiveness of tools like CareCloud Breeze and CareCloud Live. Breeze is a mobile patient portal that simplifies patient registration, intake, and check-ins, and offers a convenient payment platform. With customizable electronic intake forms and preregistration, CareCloud Breeze optimizes efficiency by saving time for office staff and reducing in-office wait times. Live is a telehealth portal enabling secure HIPAA-compliant video calls between practiioners and patients. Compatible with multimple platforms, CareCloud Live ensures easy access and facilitates secure two-way interactions for remote healthcare services.

“CareCloud’s aim is to consistently offer cost-effective and innovative solutions that cater to medical practices of all sizes,” said Carinda Cox, vice president of sales at CareCloud. “We are unwavering in our commitment to continuously improve these solutions, ensuring they offer the utmost support for practices to deliver enhanced care. We are honored to receive such commendation from Forbes, a globally trusted source of business information. Moving forward, we will continue to deliver solutions and services that exceed expectations and set new standards.”

To learn more about CareCloud’s comprehensive suite of technology-enabled services and solutions, visit If you would like to inquire further about how CareCloud can specifically help your practice, email Cox at

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