Carevive Launches Native App Technology

Carevive PROmpt® Native App Technology enhances remote patient monitoring and reduces patient adoption barriers.

Carevive Systems (“Carevive”) the leading oncology-focused health technology company is centered on understanding and improving the experience of patients with cancer using their unique Patient-Reported Outcomes Mobile Platform (PROmpt). Carevive PROmpt® enables cancer patients to report new symptoms and receive valuable information about their treatment while at the same time providing clinicians a way to monitor their patients’ health and address impediments to treatment success remotely.

Today, Carevive announced that it will be launching a new native app option for PROmpt to better facilitate the collection of critical patient data and the communication between cancer patients and their care teams. By leveraging the native operating systems of both Apple and Android technologies, PROmpt extends patient care outside the clinic and provides patients the same connection to their care team that they have grown to trust but now with the added benefits of a native app.

PROmpt allows cancer patients to report their symptoms from anywhere, at any time, enabling an improved patient experience with personalized care that’s easy to use and puts the patient first. “Bringing the patient’s voice to the forefront of cancer care is a fundamental part of Carevive’s mission,” says Bruno Lempernesse, Carevive’s CEO, “Having a native mobile app option increases accessibility and usability which means patients are more likely to respond, leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.”

A 26-year-old patient in Alabama who used the Carevive PROmpt® native app during treatment for her breast cancer noted how it became an important extension of her care, enabling her to communicate better with her care team and enabling her care team to better manage her care. “I have a lot of pain with my diagnosis. My symptoms change weekly. By the time I see my doctor, I forget some of the symptoms, so reporting them weekly helps me keep up with new symptoms that I experience,” she said.  “I know my doctor is actually reading my reporting and my pain is well managed, and my nurse knows that the medications are working for me.” 

Additionally, Carevive believes a native app can overcome barriers to adoption which often arise from accessibility issues by taking advantage of native biometric authentication (FaceID and TouchID), thus providing faster and easier logins. This means reduced frustrations and improved usability. And because ‘ease of use’ is a leading indicator of acceptability, these new benefits will have a direct effect on satisfaction and engagement. With regards to downloading and using the new Carevive PROmpt® native app, one 65-year-old breast cancer patient in Montana adds, “I installed the [Carevive PROmpt®] app and it was smooth sailing from there, wish I had the app in the beginning. Once the app was installed, I could do the surveys with ease…I would recommend the [PROmpt] app since it is easy and it made me stop and think, ‘how am I doing right now’ and that was helpful.”

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