CarltonOne Releases AI-Personalized Employee Engagement Solution

Affordable small and medium business solution provides a unified multi-experience app that empowers change through personalized and engaging recognition, rewards, and incentives.

CarltonOne Engagement, the world’s most trusted platform for B2B talent recognition and performance programs, announced today the launch of Evergrow — an AI-driven engagement solution that makes work mean more by boosting recognition, performance, wellness, and teamwork. Evergrow’s unique business model also directly funds the planting of millions of trees around the world, positively impacting communities and their local economies.

To celebrate the launch of Evergrow on Earth Day, CarltonOne is also announcing the immediate funding of an additional 250,000 trees with Eden Reforestation Projects. 

“We’re excited to launch this next-generation engagement solution at But our mission goes beyond just helping companies thrive. Companies are seeking new ways to make work mean more with purpose-driven social responsibility programs, and Evergrow turns every employee transaction into climate action by funding new native trees around the world,” said Rob Purdy, founder and CEO of CarltonOne. “The more that members use Evergrow, the more trees are funded, the more CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. It’s a climate change movement powered by employee performance. We’re already funding the planting of a new tree every 6 seconds — and have planted over 6 million trees in Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar and Nepal and are well on our way towards our goal of funding 100 million trees a year by the end of 2022. Everyone can follow our tree tracker at”

Every Evergrow feature is designed to make work more rewarding and meaningful:

  • Intuitive performance recognition engine — Evergrow makes it easy for managers, employees and team members to instantly give awards with one-click recognition. Members can also earn badges for completing activities and reaching milestones.
  • AI-personalized rewards — the Evergrow reward marketplace uses our Reward AI to personalize a collection of over 10 million fashion, beauty, gadgets, smarthome and appliance items, plus gift cards, hotel and flight deals, events and more.
  • Kart shop & save — In addition to redeeming their points, members can shop and save on over 100,000 items, including discounts of up to 65% off fashion, 50% off watches, and 25% off electronics. Kart also offers instant coupons for deals at local restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores, with savings extended to family members.
  • Activity & wellness — connect a fitness tracker (such as Fitbit or Apple Watch) and members can earn points and badges, and join team or company wellness challenges.
  • Surveys, training & feedback — businesses can track engagement and encourage feedback by creating surveys and rewarding training, certification or meeting participation.

The Evergrow tree-planting initiative is in partnership with Eden Restoration Projects, a proven non-profit, that supports local communities to plant and protect new native forests in locations around the world. “It is essential to be committed to and work alongside local villages and communities to achieve a successful and longstanding reforestation effort,” said Debbie Crawford, Chief Development Office at Eden Reforestation Projects. “We use an ‘Employ to Plant’ methodology to benefit the members in the local communities in which we plant. Through steady employment, impoverished people can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine.”

“Employees want to work for brands that are part of a bigger movement — like Evergrow’s tree-planting initiative,” Purdy said. “Evergrow will allow members to help fight climate change while also being part of positive change within their company and together we are creating a global eco-action solution that delivers measurable impact.”

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