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Cavli Wireless launches Hubble99 Plan for Cellular IoT Adoption

Companies will no longer be in a dilemma to adopt cellular technologies for their IoT deployments. Cellular IoT is entering the subscription economy age, and Cavli Wireless is spearheading this disruption with Hubble99.

 Cavli Wireless, a cellular module manufacturer headquartered in California with operations in Europe, Middle East and Asia, is set to change the face of global IoT deployments by launching a disruptive IoT adoption plan – Cavli Hubble99.

IoT connectivity enablement is a multi-stakeholder ecosystem that includes module manufacturers, telecom operators, and platform providers to manage the hardware, connectivity, and subscriptions. Currently for SMBs and Enterprises, the total cost of ownership of adopting cellular technologies is high compared to other options like LoraWAN, Sigfox or Weightless. This is driven by the expenses for Cellular Module, SIM card, data, and device management respectively.

Hubble99 is Cavli’s attempt to simplify the current fragmented IoT ecosystem by re-engineering the present value chain and thereby pave the way for the next billion devices to get connected with ease. The Hubble99 subscription plan bundles eSIM integrated cellular IoT modules preloaded with global LTE or LPWAN connectivity, device & subscription management with messaging infrastructure. With no separate cost for connectivity hardware, customers save up to 50% in the first year. Customers get to choose from cellular technologies like LTE-CAT4/CAT1/GSM, NB-IoT, LTE-M coverage in 160, 23 and 8 countries respectively and increasing. Cavli aims to revolutionize cellular IoT by providing the most cost-effective and scalable plan for mass IoT deployments.

Quoting John Mathew, CEO of Cavli Wireless, “We believe that connecting every object in the physical world to the internet will, seamlessly and efficiently solve a wide variety of problems and massively improve quality of life and human productivity. This is the true power of the ‘Internet of Things’ and with Hubble99, we want to deliver this power to businesses around the world.”

Cavli Wireless, Inc.
Cavli Wireless is an Internet of Things enabler, that aims to democratize the IoT sector with Software to Hardware product suite, including Cellular Modules, global connectivity, and Cloud Platform. Cavli portfolio of solutions enable IoT product makers & enterprises to build, connect and scale their IoT solutions across geographies in the most secure, and seamless manner possible.

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