Cenegenics Improves Operational Efficiency with Domo

Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced today that Cenegenics, a leader in the performance health technology industry, now uses its cloud-native data and analytics platform to improve patient care through real-time insights, accessible data and optimized inventory.

Cenegenics helps patients achieve their peak cognitive, physical and metabolic health by leveraging data from various biomarkers. Just as patients use Cenegenics to enhance their health, Cenegenics needed more real-time visibility into its business performance. Information was siloed in disconnected systems, meaning analysts spent weeks manually gathering and analyzing data. With Domo, Cenegenics now has complete, real-time data and insights into operations at individual clinics, delivering the visibility the business needs to compete in a quickly-evolving space.

“Before we implemented Domo at Cenegenics, it could take months to get access to important data we needed such as revenue and patient retention,” said Roxana Boboescu, Director of Business Intelligence at Cenegenics. “Our focus wasn’t just about getting the right data, but it was about getting it at a speed that allowed us to quickly recognize factors in our business that weren’t working and make timely changes that help give us a competitive edge.”

Cenegenics also utilizes Domo to monitor and improve the patient experience. For example, the company can see patient responses to communications across text, phone calls and email, and then tailors message efforts via the channels that drive better engagement. The company can also analyze which products and services are most widely used across physicians and locations. Through a better understanding of how each physician uses specific products, Cenegenics can order exactly what it needs when it needs it, allocating resources accordingly and ultimately reducing its inventory costs.

The company uses Domo to measure each clinic’s progress across core KPIs, giving executives, physicians and coaches the ability to compare performance over time periods and locations, and equipping them with all the resources needed to make improvements. In its first year using Domo, Cenegenics has brought its health-optimizing technology to a broader audience, increasing its client count by 16%, signups by 11% and revenue by 10%.

“Cenegenics demonstrates how improved data experiences can translate to tangible, real-world benefits,” said Mark Maughan, chief analytics officer and SVP of customer success, Domo. “When you have the ability to provide real-time updates and make data accessible, not only do organizations see a positive business impact, but their customers feel it too. With Cenegenics, that means there are people who are performing better.”

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