chat.D-ID enables anyone to talk face to face with AI

Newly launched app takes Open AI’s ChatGPT to the next level

D-ID, a world leader in generative AI and creative media, today launched chat.D-ID, the first web app to allow anyone to talk face-to-face with photorealistic AI in a natural way. Combining the power of D-ID’s proprietary text-to-video streaming technology together with OpenAI’s large language model, ChatGPT, chat.D-ID enables an interactive digital human to chat face-to-face with users.

“Our tech unlocks a side of artificial intelligence that the world hasn’t seen before,” said Gil Perry, CEO and Co-founder of D-ID. “The switch from text interface to speaking face-to-face makes the experience more impactful, enjoyable, and engaging and helps people better understand the information it delivers. With chat.D-ID, conversations with AI will become accessible to a far wider audience, including children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and billions of people worldwide beyond the tech community.”

The app, still in beta, will soon offer a variety of preset avatars which users will be able to choose from, as well as the ability for users to upload any portrait of their choice.

As well as being a product in its own right, chat.D-ID is an interactive demonstration of D-ID’s recently released streaming capabilities, which enables photorealistic digital assistants who can interact with consumers in a more human, engaging and effective way. These will have a myriad of use cases across almost every area of life from customer care to digital assistants, virtual coaches and advisors, across financial services, healthcare, retail, travel & leisure, automotive the charitable sector, and more.

“This is just the first step in realizing our wider vision, which is to disrupt how humans interface with anything digital,” said Perry. “It’s a game changer that will impact user experience across every vertical and touchpoint.”

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, D-ID opened its API to developers and businesses who want to use D-ID’s core technology to create applications of their own, generating photorealistic digital assistants who interact with consumers in a more human, engaging and effective way.

D-ID also contributed to Partnership on AI’s recently launched Responsible Practices for Synthetic Media guidelines, in conjunction with Adobe, the BBC, OpenAI and others.

D-ID’s generative AI technology has already been used to create over 110 million videos. D-ID powered Deep Nostalgia, the viral sensation that millions of people used to bring photos of ancestors and historic figures to life. The company has worked with Warner Bros, Mondelez and many other Fortune 500 companies and large enterprises.

To start chatting with the app, visit chat.D-ID

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