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Cimcor, Inc. and Center for Internet Security, Inc.® Announce CIS CyberMarket® Partnership

Cimcor, the leader in next-generation, file and system integrity monitoring software is partnering with the Center for Internet Security, Inc. (CIS®), a community-driven nonprofit, responsible for the CIS Controls® and CIS Benchmarks™, globally recognized best practices for securing IT systems and data. With this partnership, the top ranked CimTrak Integrity Suite has been added to the CIS CyberMarket®.

CIS CyberMarket is CIS’s collaborative purchasing program that serves U.S. State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) government organizations, nonprofit entities, and public health and education institutions to improve cybersecurity through cost-effective group procurement. By leveraging the collective purchasing power of participating public and nonprofit organizations, CIS CyberMarket works with industry-leading cybersecurity providers to secure significant group purchasing opportunities to meet cybersecurity needs of its members. 

“Cimcor, Inc. is dedicated to helping organizations secure their infrastructures. This strategic alignment with CIS complements our mission to help organizations comply with the CIS Controls and easily assess and harden systems using CIS Benchmarks,” says Robert E. Johnson, III, Cimcor CEO and President. “The consensus-based guidelines of CIS Benchmarks and the clarity of CIS Controls are foundational components of an effective cybersecurity program for any organization. The CimTrak Integrity Suite is a powerful tool to accelerate the implementation of these security controls”

“Taking a best practices approach to cybersecurity, as found with the CIS Controls, combined with implementation of the secure configuration recommendations contained in the CIS Benchmarks, provides for an effective cyber defense posture,” says Curtis Dukes, CIS Executive Vice President of Security Best Practices & Automation Group. “We welcome Cimcor into CIS CyberMarket to provide cost-effective solutions to SLTT community.”

Within an agreement and partnership between both entities, Cimcor will foster the usage of the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks to assist organizations with recommended secure configurations of all IT systems.

Vendors that want to participate in the CIS CyberMarket are rigorously vetted by both CIS subject-matter experts and a volunteer board of state and local government cybersecurity professionals to ensure the services are the best and most effective solution for its members.

The CimTrak Integrity Suite with certified CIS Benchmarks, is an easy and effective way to assess and monitor systems against CIS Benchmarks, and ensure that systems configurations are in a hardened state and in a predictable state of integrity.

About Cimcor, Inc.
Cimcor develops innovative, next-generation, compliance and system integrity monitoring software. The CimTrak Integrity Suite monitors and protects a wide range of physical, network, cloud, and virtual IT assets in real-time while providing detailed forensic information about all changes. CimTrak helps reduce configuration drift and ensure that systems are in a secure and hardened state. Securing your infrastructure with CimTrak helps you get compliant and stay that way.

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