CLARA Analytics Offers Rapid-Turnaround Data Quality Service

CLARA Network Analyzer

CLARA Network Analyzer Matches and De-dupes Medical Provider Records, Driving Greater Accuracy and Efficiency in Claims Management

CLARA Analytics (“CLARA”), the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the commercial insurance industry, today announced the availability of Network Analyzer, an API-based data quality service that matches and de-duplicates medical provider records using the most current information from the CLARA Data Platform. Unlike industry-agnostic data quality products, CLARA Network Analyzer matches network information to a trusted database of verified medical providers that is curated and kept constantly up to date by CLARA.

Poor data quality leads to wasted effort, as claims managers must spend their time chasing down errors and making manual corrections. Medical provider information is in constant flux as providers merge, relocate, change names, or cease operations. An estimated 30% of providers in a typical carrier network turn out to be several physicians in an overarching practice or, in other cases, multiple physician records that are actually the same person.

“With CLARA’s Network Analyzer, insurers can verify the accuracy of their data against our comprehensive, trusted database of network providers, gaining confidence in the quality of their provider information,” said Gary Hagmueller, CEO of CLARA Analytics. “This new offering combines the power of the CLARA Data Platform with the simplicity of an API-driven service, adding meaningful business value at a very affordable price point.”

CLARA Network Analyzer taps into the power of the CLARA Data Platform, providing insurers with nationwide coverage across 50 states in all relevant specialties. This new product removes the clutter from insurers’ provider information, giving them clear visibility to problem data and paving the way for improved efficiency in claims management.

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