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Clarivate Releases Predictive Analytics to Fuel Life Sciences

Cortellis Deals Intelligence features new trends visualizations and predictive analytics supported by artificial intelligence 

Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, today announced the enhancement of Cortellis Deals Intelligence, a leading industry source of life science deals information. The new features include deal trend visualizations and predictive analytics, allowing users to confidently track the deal-making landscape and quickly understand the potential value of an asset.

It is often challenging for business development teams to find and analyze the information they need to calculate the potential net present value (NPV) of in-licensing candidates along each stage of drug development. In their efforts to calculate the ROI of those assets, companies are taking a data-driven approach, using information from various internal and external sources. Existing NPV models can be crude and error-prone due to manual calculations and gaps in data. Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide a more sophisticated and quicker output of a potential in-licensing asset’s value. Using comprehensive data and AI to predict possible deal sizes can empower life science organizations to invest earlier in life-saving drugs and transform patient lives.

The new predictive analytics features include intuitive insights and targeted data filters, making it easier for business development professionals to calculate potential deal sizes and upfront payments without relying on manual and static analysis. Users can quickly and easily search for and analyze deal sizes within their therapy area, molecule, and partner type to predict deal values and assess risk.  The predictive analytics features are fed a constant stream of updated information, allowing for adjusted market trends and more sophisticated predictions versus static, manual NPV models. The new algorithm featured within Cortellis Deals Intelligence is the latest predictive analytic developed by Clarivate following the successful launch of its Drug Timeline & Success Rates predictive tool. The seamless connectivity and interoperability to the broader Cortellis suite of life science intelligence solutions enable more comprehensive research and analysis during drug development activities.

Studies show, deal-making, which sees companies collaborating, sharing risks, resources, and potential upsides, hit record levels in 2020, with nearly 2,000 transactions valued at almost $200 billion.1 In 2020, there were 573 discovery and preclinical deals, including licensing, collaborations and joint ventures, with an overall value of $73.96 billion – over 1/3 of the total deal value.2 A total of 124 of those deals had disclosed terms, with an average deal size of $556M. In 2019, there were 419 discovery and preclinical deals with an overall value of $58.6 billion, 128 of which disclosed terms for an average of $458M.3 These findings further demonstrate that biopharma is increasing investments (volume and deal size) in early-stage assets year over year.

Ketan Patel, Vice President, Cortellis, Clarivate, said: “We have seen a shift in the deal-making space over the last decade from clinical-stage to early-stage partnerships. It has become increasingly difficult for biopharma to calculate the value of these discovery and preclinical stage assets because so much is still unknown about their development. They require a higher level of investment and hold a higher risk of failure. An AI tool, like the deal predictive analytics available in Cortellis Deals Intelligence, can take some of the guesswork out of NPV analysis. Ultimately, biopharma can make smarter investments to quickly bring life-saving drugs to patients.”

Clarivate is committed to comprehensively supporting customers across the entire drug, device and medical technology lifecycles to advance human health by enabling customers to make informed evidence-based decisions. Clarivate will continue to combine extensive domain expertise with data science delivering critical insights to support clinical and commercial success. These enhancements in Cortellis Deals Intelligence represent just one of the many investments Clarivate has made – and will continue to make – to expand the Cortellis suite of life science intelligence solutions.

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