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Cloud Range introduces Cloud Range Range365

Cloud Range Range365 delivers an on-demand, fully customizable cyber range sandbox for unlimited cybersecurity simulation training and live production environment testing

Cloud Range, the industry’s leading cyber range solution to reduce exposure to cyber risk across the organization, introduces Cloud Range Range365, the company’s fully customizable, live-fire cyber range-as-a-service platform. Range365 is a cutting-edge, virtual cyber range sandbox that accelerates cyber defense training and testing, threat intelligence utilization, regulatory compliance, and new product testing. The platform delivers all the benefits of having a custom-built, endlessly configurable cyber range without the costly investment of infrastructure, technology, content creation, or administration.

The lifecycle management of a cyber range is complex, expensive, and time consuming. Supporting new technologies and infrastructure to keep a cyber range current to a production environment, while constantly updating and creating new content for end users across multiple use cases, makes building and maintaining a self-managed cyber range out of reach for most companies. Cloud Range’s Range365 departs from the traditional and clunky hardware-based solutions and delivers a cost-effective, self-service cyber range sandbox for organizations to deploy IT/OT cyber environments with applications, data, tools, services, and physical and virtual resources modeled from their infrastructure, assets, and inventory.

Range365 ensures cyber defenders are ready for the expanding threat landscape by giving organizations the freedom and flexibility to test and train on their own virtual, private cyber range, limited only by their imagination. The cloud-based simulation platform ensures security professionals are able to stay ahead of the latest threats by providing a safe, flexible, scalable training and testing ground to simulate unlimited attack scenarios and prepare for inevitable cyber attacks.

Range365 cloud range-as-a-service features include:

  • Range Infrastructure: Range365 offers a comprehensive simulated multisegment network that mimics an organization’s infrastructure.
  • Integrated Security Tools: The platform supports various branded security tools and technologies, allowing users to practice with familiar tools.
  • Content Library: Cloud Range invests heavily in developing content, including cyber attack scenarios based on threat intelligence. This content enables users to practice detecting, responding to, and mitigating various real-world cyber threats.
  • Simulation Methods: Range365 supports both self-guided simulations and simulations guided by Cloud Range’s Certified Expert Attackmasters™.
  • Dedicated Range: Customers can have their own dedicated range environment, providing flexibility and 24/7/365 access.
  • Reporting: The platform provides detailed reporting to track progress, measure skill improvement, and reduce operational risk.

“Range365 was born from the desire of our customers who saw the enormous benefits that live-fire simulation training had brought to their organization and wanted even more access and deeper customization from our industry-leading cyber range platform,” said Debbie Gordon, CEO and founder of Cloud Range. “Our new cyber range-as-a-service opens the door for limitless testing and training opportunities by delivering a cyber range that is capable of replicating any IT and/or OT infrastructure and security tool sets with the ability to launch live attacks and traffic in a fully virtualized environment.”

In addition to live-fire red team and blue team training, Range365 can be used for malware engineering, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, translating threat intelligence into experiential simulations, forensic analysis, patch testing, IT/OT convergence testing/training, and more. Organizations can also test new products, validate runbooks, and conduct other infrastructure tests and scenarios.

“Our customers are some of the world’s largest industrial organizations located throughout the Middle East and they have a critical need to fill and train their cybersecurity teams with local security professionals that are prepared to defend against modern-day threats to critical infrastructure,” said Aneesh Krishnakumar, COO, ActiveBytes Innovations. “Cloud Range’s Range365 cyber range-as-a-service platform accelerates our ability to reduce cyber risk and increase operational efficiencies for these organizations by providing a fully customizable, on-demand simulation training platform for cybersecurity teams to train on their own replicated environment, with the tools and security controls they use everyday and unlimited attack scenarios.”

For SOC and IR Teams: Range365 provides unlimited content and training scenarios with Cloud Range’s extensive library of attack scenarios developed to reflect the tactics, techniques, and procedures being used by threat actors. Scenarios cover all elements of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework to ensure that teams have the ability to train on defending even the most advanced attacks. Hosted by Cloud Range, the safe, realistic environment emulates the security operations center (SOC), including actual licensed SIEMs, firewalls, and other security tools teams use every day.

For OT/ICS: In addition to a virtualized OT/ICS environment, Cloud Range’s new hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) capabilities directly connect Range365 to a customer’s live, physical lab environment. Range365 has additional OT/ICS segments that include virtual HMIs, PLCs, and monitoring tools as well as attack scenarios that are specific to control system environments, regardless of where the attacks originate.

For Sales Enablement: Range365 provides technology solution providers with the ability to test and demo products and solutions in environments that emulate their customers’ infrastructure and security tool stacks. For customers who require a proof of concept (POC), solution providers can easily demonstrate product interoperability and solution viability of a POC, not only on a customer’s replicated environment, but also during a live-fire attack under real network conditions. This sets a bar for POC validation that competitors cannot match while building customer trust, alleviating buyer concerns, and ultimately accelerating the sales cycle for solution providers.

Cloud Range Range365 allows organizations to:

  • Accelerate cyber defense teams’ ability to defend against unlimited TTPs
  • Expedite new product testing and regulatory compliance
  • Make threat intelligence actionable and useful
  • Optimize budgets and reduce technical debt

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