Cloud Range ranked Best-in-Class in Datos Insights Cyber Range Matrix

Cyber range and live-fire simulation platform evaluated for product features, vendor stability, client strength, and client service

Cloud Range, the industry’s leading cyber range solution to reduce exposure to cyber risk across the organization, today announced that it has earned best-in-class recognition in Datos Insights Matrix: Cyber Range Solutions, an extensive analysis of cyber range solutions.

In a recent report, independent advisory and insights firm Datos Insights shared the findings of an in-depth evaluation of six cyber range providers for the financial and insurance industries. The key players were measured in four areas: product features, vendor stability, client strength, and client service.

“Datos Insights believes Cloud Range’s cyber range solution is a best-in-class vendor that financial and insurance organizations ready to up their security training game should evaluate,” said Tari Schreider, Senior Strategic Advisor, Cybersecurity Practice at Datos Insights.

The cyber range solutions vendor guide is the second of a two-part series on the cyber range industry. Part one of the report series provided an aerial view of the nearly 60 cyber range players in the cyber training domain, discussing market history, drivers, size, and product types and explaining cyber range products’ practical needs and solution categories.

“We are thrilled to be named best in class in Datos Insights Matrix: Cyber Range Solutions,” said Cloud Range’s CEO, Debbie Gordon. “This was the most extensive evaluation process we have been part of, and it integrated various methods, which means the results are high-quality and reliable. The report validates Cloud Range’s position as a leader in the industry, and it enables better decision-making and strategic planning for customers who want to ensure that they have an ongoing and consistent simulation-based training program that prepares their teams for the most complex cyber attacks.”

Airlines want pilots to have a certain number of hours in a simulator working in difficult operational conditions before they are in an actual cockpit. In the same way, Cloud Range’s cyber range simulation platform ensures cyber defenders gain the skills and experience they need to protect organizations and critical infrastructure against detrimental and potentially deadly cyber attacks. The realistic and customizable cyber range platform is a safe training environment that mimics actual infrastructure with real security tools and technologies, giving trainees valuable hands-on experience in detecting and mitigating real threats.

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