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Clovity’s IoT Platform Launches Zero-Touch Thermal Screening

IoT in the age of COVID-19 has become a necessity, not just an optimization and monitoring value add. As states, cities, and companies open up with the pandemic far from over, every precaution must be taken to ensure people and places are protected. Clovity, a thought and product leader in the IoT space has created an effective way to screen individuals accurately for above-threshold body temperatures with amazing accuracy.

Clovity is launching a Zero-Touch Smart Thermal Solution bundle that includes SeekScan™ (made by Seek Thermal) cameras, Lenovo GPIO Nano devices, and Clovity’s CSensorNet IoT Software platform offered as an IoT-as-a-Service solution hosted in Microsoft’s highly-scalable Azure cloud. The Smart Thermal Camera and AI detection IoT solution readily identifies those entering a campus, office building, or public area that are running an abnormally high body temperature. The threshold for what constitutes an abnormally high body temperature can come at a standard setting or be fully customizable based on the requirements of the facility or local ordinances. However, the solution formally only does thermal readings, any other facial recognition will be added only at the request of the client and will always keep in mind privacy concerns for facial recognition. The solution enables clients to easily set automated alerts to supervisors or trigger lockout protocols through Clovity’s CSensorNet, the system ensures prompt reaction to elevated body temperature scans and provides warnings of potential virus carriers entering the facility.

Offering Thermal Screening as an IoT-as-a-Service solution enables clients to get up and running within one week and bundles the components in one package for convenient pricing and a single deployment. Clovity provides the hardware, installation, software, and maintenance to simplify this IoT-based solution for facilities.

When combined with Clovity’s CSensorNet IoT platform and Edge CSensorNet Lite, Lenovo’s GPIO devices are able to scan temperatures in a matter of seconds and determine if an individual’s body temperature falls under or exceeds the threshold set by the employer. Mobile or fixed applications of this solution are +/- .4 degrees (over 50%) more accurate than current US Federal Drug Administration recommends with a variation standard of +/-.9 degree. Clovity achieves this level of accuracy by utilizing Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) instead of the more common Elevate Skin Temperature (EST) which is known to be significantly more inaccurate. EBT is considered the gold standard for thermal imaging accuracy reducing false positives and missed high temperature readings from external factors. From a user experience perspective, administrators will be able to look granularly as well as at an organization level in terms of pass/fail readings at the specific entrance or for the entire facility.

By utilizing Lenovo’s smart GPIO devices, Clovity can quickly process and send alerts in real time to facility management or security and also establish protocols to stop potentially infected people from entering an enclosed facility. This type of functionality will allow the system to function on its own without having someone to physically monitor individuals entering the restricted area. Furthermore, deploying this solution on Azure gives Clovity clients the scalability and flexibility to cover multiple doors and multiple sites without taxing the system including additional add on IoT solutions for increased value.

“As people begin to return to an office setting, businesses must take every precaution to protect their employees and customers. The Clovity thermal screening solution with Lenovo smart devices allows employers to accurately check the temperatures of people entering the building without the risk of additional face-to-face contact during screenings,” said Daniel Olsen, executive director, North America Workstation and OEM Sales, Lenovo. “This IoT solution is designed to help businesses reopen safely and efficiently.”

“Clovity and Lenovo have strategically partnered to ensure that companies and government entities that are looking to open up safely have the technology means to do so”, says Anuj Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer of Clovity. “Our collaboration will ensure not only extremely fast processing times for thermal screening but it will also facilitate intelligence on the edge making it capable of locking doors, triggering alerts to staff, and taking complimentary responses in a matter of seconds”.

Come join our panel webinar with Lenovo and Microsoft on August 5th, 2020 on Smart Thermal Solutions!

To learn more about Clovity and Lenovo’s collaboration on the Zero-Touch Smart Thermal solution bundle or to set up a demo, please reach out to us on our website or to If you would like to see other solutions Clovity has created to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, head to our Return to Work page.

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