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CMG Digital Relaunches With a New Vision

Agency leads an industry renaissance as it resets the digital dynamic to put people – not platforms – at the heart of digital design

Global digital design and smart production agency CMG Digital is today relaunching as part of an ongoing evolution of its company brand.

The agency, based in Croatia, with a presence in the UK and the US, now has a new vision and is dedicating itself to putting humanity back into digital.

The acceleration of digital adoption during the pandemic brought many positives to the digital space, including investment, faster development, new services and virtual worlds. At the same time, it has also tackled issues around security, privacy, sustainability and inefficiencies.

More significantly, the acceleration of digital has seen a move towards automation and away from humanisation in digital.

The relaunched CMG Digital is the answer: an agency dedicated to supporting clients to ensure they can maximise success in digital within this context.

The new vision will also be accompanied by a new look. With the agency debuting a new logo, theme and tone of voice. The updated visual identity will represent the evolved brand values.

Putting humanity at the core of its company was an easy decision for the agency, which boasts two thirds of women holding the top management positions as well as women making up more than 55% of the overall employees. CMG Digital also boasts a mental health program called MindGiving to support the team: this includes yoga classes, managing stress workshops, meeting limits, no meeting Friday as well as additional health insurance.

Explaining the new vision, Ana Tolić, President of CMG said:

“We are both delighted and excited to enter this new era of CMG Digital history and focus on our mission of putting humanity back into digital.

“Over the course of the pandemic the lightning-fast adoption of digital meant the space quickly became inhuman and cold.

“We are an agency that recognises that we can’t replace the people’s side of things with a platform, and that relationships are critical to success. We believe in focusing on B2H – Business to Human.”

The relaunch will also keep digital sustainability at the heart of the agency.

CMG Digital is known for setting the industry tone when it comes to sustainability. Historically, the agency standardised recycling long before it became compulsory. Now, it is leading the way once more and focussing on standardising its approach to digital sustainability.

As global-to-local experts, CMG Digital puts a strong focus on maximising content life through reuse, recycling and repurposing to reduce the digital waste of its clients.

This focus is allowing CMG Digital to spread its message, educate and upskilling clients and brands in digital sustainability as well as digital inclusivity.

CMG Digital hopes that its position as a leader in its field will enable it to set the tone and encourage other agencies to follow its example. The agency is a powerhouse in its industry, credited with delivering over 50,000 projects, working with more than 200 global brands and delivering to over 100 markets worldwide. Since 2001 it has been the digital custodian of some of the world’s most valuable brands across the globe, and today leading digital deployment for multinational corporations such as P&G, GSK, Novartis, ConvaTec, Cloetta, Edgewell and Rimac.

CMG Digital believes its relaunch will help it better achieve its overall goal of empowering brands to scale their global message to the local level with consistency and pace.

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