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Coalfire Announces Major Innovations to Compliance Essentials Solution

Expanded Frameworks and Automation Deliver Breakthrough Innovation

Global cybersecurity pioneer Coalfire announced today major innovations to its Compliance Essentials solution, including advanced automated evidence collection plug-ins, enabling faster time to compliance and greater visibility for clients. In partnership with anecdotes, one of the world’s leading security technology engineering firms, Compliance Essentials now enables customers to manage compliance workflows and risks, automatically collect evidence, and execute audits all within the platform – making it one of the most comprehensive compliance and risk management automation solutions in the market.

Introduced in 2022, Compliance Essentials is the next-generation compliance management solution that bundles audit services with its leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) compliance platform. Compliance Essentials’ newly enhanced automation capabilities enable clients to reduce manual evidence collection by up to 50% and cut internal compliance costs by up to 40%.

“We have true continuous compliance with this solution,” said Prabhath Karanth, global head of security & trust at TripActions. “Having anecdotes’ automation within Compliance Essentials allows organizations to identify control effectiveness and demonstrate to both leadership and customers the status of our maturing security program.”

“The transformation to continuous compliance takes a giant step forward with evidence automation seamlessly integrated into our solution,” said Coalfire Chief Product Officer Vineet Seth, who was recently named to anecdotes’ advisory board. “Working with the elite anecdotes engineering team, Coalfire Compliance Essentials now pulls evidence automatically from 35+ plug-ins spanning all cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and maps with more than 40 regulatory frameworks.”

“We are excited to unveil a game-changing solution for compliance management from Coalfire with this union of exceptional service and technology providers,” said anecdotes CEO Yair Kuznitsov. “The partnership promises to revolutionize how compliance teams operate, bringing a brighter future for compliance programs and setting a new standard in the industry.”

In addition to enhanced automation features, Coalfire is also introducing a new risk management module within Compliance Essentials that centralizes an organization’s risk management program. The module enables customized risk scoring with robust workflows, empowering organizations to track, manage, and address risks.

Seth added, “Our breakthrough compliance automation solution sets a new standard for organizations with complex environments and multiple compliance frameworks on the path to continuous, automated compliance.”

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