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Cobwebs Technologies Nominated Awards for Threat Intelligence

With a growing number of malicious cyber activity, threat intelligence has become an integral part of many organizations. Most threat intelligence solutions available in the market still rely on analysts or investigators collecting, processing, and analyzing huge amounts of data for actionable insights. Collecting and processing these millions of data points and indicators is just too much for human analysts to effectively identify threats and process them in a timely manner.

Therefore, threat intelligence requires advanced technological solutions, such as an AI-Powered Web Intelligence platform that enables the identification of cyberthreats prior to occurring by observing attackers, their plans, and methodologies to generate real-time insights. This allows for the rapid creation of profiles of threat actors, and map their hidden activity networks and behavior patterns across numerous sources.

To put the spotlight on advanced solutions for threat intelligence, Cyber Defense Magazine has nominated some of the world’s best cybersecurity experts in the threat intelligence category. The nominees provide the best technologies available to keep organizations safe. Founded in 2012, Cyber Defense Magazine is the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine giving annual Global InfoSec awards to innovative information security companies for their innovations in the field of information security, including threat intelligence. 

Cobwebs was nominated by Cyber Defense Magazine for the threat intelligence capabilities of its AI-powered WEBINT platform. This platform collects, analyzes, and monitors relevant big data from all web layers (surface, deep and dark web) including social networks, message boards, online forums, and more. The advanced threat intelligence software uses smart natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. The solutions provided by Cobwebs are easy to use and highly efficient and are capable of identifying threats in real-time and staying on top of emerging threats to organizations. The seamless integration of new data sources enables the WEBINT platform to also leverage generated threat intelligence to determine what might be the most relevant topics that an organization should keep an eye on to identify future threats by using certain keywords, locations, hashtags, etc.

We’re honored to be nominated by Cyber Defense Magazine as an industry innovator in the InfoSec threat intelligence category for 2021,” said Udi Levy, CEO & Co-Founder at Cobwebs Technologies. “Our AI-powered engine is designed to guide organizations in centralizing their threat intelligence from all sources and platforms in one innovative solution. The automated tools provide real-time alerts to create clarity of the threats in the organization’s feed and streamlining operations. Our unique technology gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data to detect cyber threat insights in real-time.”

The threat intelligence platform of Cobwebs meets the needs of private and government sectors for a comprehensive threat intelligence solution by:

  • Providing situational awareness;
  • Delivering real-time alerts for follow-up;
  • Detecting the identity and activities of threat actors;
  • Enabling cooperation between team members, departments, and agencies;
  • Processing relevant big data for actionable insights;
  • Defining interest categories such as relevant locations, hashtags, groups, and individuals.
  • Detecting data leaks, reputational issues, or threats against brands, assets, or employees

Cobwebs is the recipient of numerous industry accolades, including Frost & Sullivan Global AI-powered Web Intelligence Technology Innovation Leadership Award, 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award, joining the prestigious RegTech100 list that recognizes the tech companies that have transformed compliance, risk management, and cybersecurity, 2019 Global AI-Powered Web Intelligence Technology Innovation Award.

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