Copyleaks launches enterprise multi-language AI Content Detector

The company expands its product portfolio with the only enterprise solution designed to detect whether digital content was written by a human or generated by AI, including ChatGPT

Copyleaks, a leading AI-based company known for identifying the authenticity of text, today announced the official launch of its enterprise-level, multi-language AI Content Detector for educational institutions, businesses, and individuals. With text bots and AI software, such as OpenAI ChatGPT, continuing to gain popularity, it’s becoming more challenging to determine if those tools are being used to write essays, articles, stories, product reviews, and more. In response, Copyleaks has expanded its content authentication platform with the most comprehensive solution available through customizable API and LMS integrations, in addition to browser plug-ins for individuals, to verify if content is original or generated by an AI chatbot.

“As AI gets more sophisticated, we knew we had a responsibility to bring a solution to market that can help anyone distinguish between human content and AI-generated text at such a fast rate,” said Alon Yamin, CEO and co-founder of Copyleaks. “With 99 percent accuracy, we’re able to combat the dark side of AI by uncovering AI-digital DNA crumbs that are left behind, which only sophisticated AI like what we’re using is capable of detecting.” 

Product features include:

  • Seamless integration into existing workflows to detect content generated by almost any AI text bot, including ChatGPT 
  • 99.12% accuracy plus enterprise-level LMS and API integration capabilities that allow any educational institution or business to seamlessly add AI Content Detector to their native platforms
  • Multi-language detection including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, with plans to introduce additional languages
  • AI Content Detector Chrome extension allows users to verify content across the internet including, social media, news articles, consumer reviews, and so much more
  • A built-in AI Content Detector feature within the native Copyleaks platform, so the originality of any text can be verified

“Now more than ever it is crucial to be able to identify text written by AI software as the uniqueness and quality of our product and service are what matters the most to our clients and worldwide users,” said Shouvik Paul, CRO of Copyleaks. “We continue to evolve to support the ever-changing technological landscape and our new AI Content Detector is the only enterprise platform available today that is able to distinguish between human-generated and machine-generated content with a high degree of accuracy.”

Try Copyleaks’ AI Content Detector, and download the Chrome extension today for free. For all software solution offerings based on individual organization needs, additional details on Copyleaks can be found here.

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