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Coralogix Unveils Remote Query Solution

Customers can access data instantly in the Coralogix Archive, at no extra cost, and retain it infinitely by leveraging Amazon S3

Coralogix,  a company using streaming analytics to rebuild the path to observability, today announced the launch of “Coralogix Remote Query” that extends the platform‘s functionality as an end-to-end, full-stack observability platform. With the new solution, organizations can now query their own Amazon S3 bucket, at high speed, without indexing or retention limitations. The result is companies can infinitely retain and endlessly explore their data, with the ability to uncover insights like never before using the powerful DataPrime analytics language.

“Archiving is essential for managing the rapidly increasing cost of observability, yet, in almost every solution, once the data is in the archive, it’s hidden, and it must be reindexed,” said Yoni Farin, Chief Technology Officer, and co-founder. “Only in our solution can customers query their logs and traces, directly from the Coralogix UI or any other UI, without any additional costs or reindexing required. Coralogix customers archive large proportions of their data, drive 40-70% cost savings, and enjoy lightning-fast queries with either Lucene, DataPrime or SQL. Archive extracts that take hours on other platforms, only take seconds on the Coralogix platform. Remote Query transforms the archive into an active, open, and working part of the customer experience.”

New features and benefits of Coralogix Remote Query include:

  • Infinite Storage Without Vendor Lock-In: Store data in your own cloud account, in an open standard format based on Parquet, for a fraction of the cost. Don’t rent your data. Own it.
  • Query Your Archive Directly Without Reindexing: Leverage the infinite scalability of cloud storage like Amazon S3, and enjoy instant access without rehydrating or reindexing. Organizations can almost eliminate the cost for data like compliance logs that will rarely be queried.
  • The Most Sophisticated Cost Optimization on the Market: Using Streama© and the Coralogix TCO Optimizer, organizations can selectively index data and archive the rest to drive 40-70 percent cost savings without losing access or critical visibility.
  • Rediscover your Data with DataPrime: Run queries directly against remote data using Lucene, SQL, or our very own DataPrime syntax. Tackle compliance audits and long-term support analytics with confidence. With support for aggregations, redactions, dynamic filtering, schema on read and schema on write, explore archive data in an entirely new way using DataPrime and Remote Query.

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