Core Solutions launches Symptom Tracking AI

New artificial intelligence solution assesses datasets to identify behavioral health symptoms and connect them to associated diagnoses

Core Solutions, Inc., (Core) is pleased to announce the launch of Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking, the latest addition to Core’s innovative behavioral health artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The Symptom Tracking tool uses AI to assess large datasets to identify behavioral health symptoms and then connect those symptoms to associated diagnoses, enabling providers to measure care over time and execute on evidence-driven, actionable insights.

Designed to support measurement- and value-based care, Symptom Tracking is especially helpful in medical settings where 40% of the population has unmet behavioral health needs. Symptom Tracking provides unparalleled opportunities for health plans, health information exchanges, population health management organizations, integrated delivery systems, primary care providers, and any other providers focused on measurement- and value-based payment arrangements to better meet behavioral health needs and capitalize on preventive care opportunities. Using Symptom Tracking, providers make faster, more informed clinical decisions that save lives, reduce unnecessary services, and significantly improve healthcare delivery.

Symptom Tracking uses natural language processing (NLP) to scan and data mine provider and other caregiver notes across the treatment ecosystem. The AI solution produces a visual representation of symptom trends and potential diagnoses, further aiding in clinical decision-making. The power of Symptom Tracking can be added to any electronic health record (EHR) or care management platform via an easy-to-implement application programming interface (API).

“We know that organizations need ways to identify and engage effectively with individuals who would benefit from behavioral health support and treatment, which is why we developed Core Clinician Assist: Symptom Tracking,” says Core Senior Vice President of Strategy Michael Lardieri, LCSW. “It’s a powerful tool that delivers timely and accurate intelligence. This strengthens access to care and supports preventive interventions, empowering organizations to better target their behavioral health engagement efforts. Adopters of Symptom Tracking achieve a significant return on investment, making the addition of the solution even more beneficial.”

To learn more about Symptom Tracking, schedule a meeting with Core.

Symptom Tracking also comes embedded in the Cx360 EHR, providing users of Core’s highly configurable EHR with another tool to strengthen performance across their ecosystem of care. 

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