CoreSite Supports Retailers’ Digital Supply Chains with AI Tech

CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE:COR) (the “Company”), a premier provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center, cloud and interconnection solutions in major U.S. metropolitan areas helps retail organizations deliver on digital transformation goals.

Retail industry IT leaders are being asked to do much more than “keep the lights on” and reduce costs for their organizations. Digital initiatives, operational excellence, and, most importantly, delivering on customer expectations are the leading goals in today’s environment.

Today’s retailers must remain relevant throughout global crises and beyond – and they do that by making people’s lives easier, safer and simpler. As modern organizations, retailers put a lot of the pressure of achieving the “customer experience gold standard” on the shoulders of IT leaders. This is a big challenge for those who need to achieve unified commerce – and all of the benefits it enables – while simultaneously balancing complex legacy applications with modern IT innovations. CoreSite’s hyper-connected data centers are the perfect fit for achieving retailers’ business goals.

Hyper-connected data centers are a key ingredient of a high-performance hybrid cloud architecture. Robust networking solutions are particularly important for the geographically disparate data entry points retailers face. Dedicated managed service providers assist with migrating, provisioning, deploying and managing IT assets. At a CoreSite facility, the robust community of network, cloud, IT and enterprise vendors assemble to solve your unique challenges and provide optimal, cost-effective solutions.

“Our ability to process huge amounts of data and ensure the availability of shopping on the app every minute of every day is paramount to our sustainable growth,” says Paul Zugnoni, Wish’s Director of Infrastructure — Datacenter and Networking. “There are so many ways to accomplish that. For us, a hybrid cloud datacenter approach was key for performance and optimal long-term cost management. A hybrid infrastructure gives us the flexibility and business agility required to remain competitive in such a dynamic market.”

Exceptional Customer Experiences Start with a Strong Digital Foundation

CoreSite has:

  • Direct connections to partners and providers within the same building, reducing latency, improving network performance and saving on network costs
  • 24x7x365 highly skilled on-site operations professionals
  • Modern facilities that are able to support high-density solutions for even the most power-hungry applications
  • Deployments ranging from partial cabinets to private suites on a national footprint so you can scale as needs evolve
  • Savings on data egress charges with direct access to leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle and IBM
  • A stellar record of operational excellence, evidenced by eight-9s uptime in 2019

“Retailers are facing an unprecedented era of upheaval,” says CoreSite VP of Sales, Gerry Fassig. “Companies that are able to weather the storm are going to be ones who put their customer experience initiatives first and work hard on their digital transformation. CoreSite is excited to partner and support retailers, solving unique problems that ultimately benefit their end-users”.

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