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COVID-19 Exposes Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Security; ImageWare® Systems and Cybersecurity Researcher Unite to Address Threats

ImageWare® Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY), a leader in identity management software, is responding to the rising security needs in the new decentralized work environment.

Virtually overnight, a vast global workforce transitioned to a remote work environment. According to a recent Gartner survey, “nearly 50% of organizations reported 81% or more of their employees are working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic…post-pandemic, 41% are likely to continue to work remotely…”

Enterprise IT teams that are staffed and equipped for a primarily on-premise workforce find themselves challenged to address the secure access needs of a now predominantly remote workforce. This leaves many enterprise organizations vulnerable due to employees accessing sensitive data remotely while engaging other employees, partners, customers, and end-users.

According to, FBI cybercrime reports to IC3 have spiked to nearly 400% when compared to 2019 since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I have never seen such a universal adjustment to change like the overnight requirement to work from home,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. “Email, Wi-Fi, and cloud were rapid deployments, but measured in years. Those did not require every organization to support the change within 24 hours. Now that the mechanics of getting people online and productive have been overcome, we need to ensure that access is secured.”

Within IT infrastructures, the identity management infrastructure provides the critical link between users and the data, services, and resources accessible through the enterprise network. Exposure or hacking of this infrastructure can lead to catastrophic levels of data leakage or even system destruction. Many concerned enterprise security professionals are actively seeking a solution that will protect the Enterprise during the heightened use of remote access.

In response to this urgent need, ImageWare® and Richard Stiennon released this week an on-demand webinar informing of COVID-19-related security threats and how the Enterprise can quickly and easily safeguard their AD through biometric MFA GoVerifyID® optimized for use with Microsoft® Active Directory:

  • Device client verifies the person, authorizing access by using their real identity, not merely verifying a password, token or device that can be used by unauthorized personnel
  • Out of band biometric authentication is the best practice to ensure authentication integrity, completed with simple precision right on the mobile phone
  • Up to 7 biometric modalities are available for IT departments to select from for easy customization into the solutions their users are accessing within the Enterprise
  • Native integration into the Active Directory domain using a Microsoft Management Console plugin

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