CRM Leader Salesforce’s Partnership With Proof Analytics

The alliance of Salesforce and Proof Analytics has transformed the calculation of marketing ROI, delivering exceptionally fast, scalable and agile Marketing Optimization rooted in a systems-level integration between the two companies. The combination effectively up-ends traditional, consulting-based delivery of marketing mix modeling and similar analytics, replacing slow and expensive solutions with blazing speed and affordability.

For decades, the biggest obstacle to a company’s effective use of regression analytics wasn’t the math. No matter the excellence of the data science team, the process of getting the necessary insights was usually too slow, too hard to scale, and too hard to consume for it to be operationally relevant.

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, kept hearing its customers express their desire for a breakthrough in marketing analytics, and it moved fast to meet the need. Leonardo Carbonara, global product management leader at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, said, “Covid19 accelerated digital transformation and made omnichannel marketing a matter of survival for most brands. In this all-digital world, businesses must embrace new operational and analytical approaches that help them overcome the increasing complexity of their marketing processes and drive business outcomes across teams and functional lines. Salesforce sees Proof as ‘the missing piece’ to deliver true closed-loop marketing. The combined solution from Salesforce and Proof solves these customer challenges in a single stroke by integrating Proof’s agile marketing planning and automated marketing optimization with the automated data downloads from Salesforce Sales and Commerce clouds, Datorama’s advanced customer journey mapping, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s highly scalable real-time personalization and messaging capabilities.”

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Dr. Petyo Bonev, professor of applied and theoretical econometrics and artificial intelligence at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, said, “The advantages of real time analysis are crucial to enable the delivery of a quick and agile marketing strategy amidst rapid change and volatility. Using automation to substantially reduce the time-to-value for complex modeling is potentially of enormous value to the user, and the highly automated Proof platform has reduced typical business modeling from many hours and even days to just a few minutes per model. In addition, the automated recompute of models means that if new data is being provisioned daily, the recompute also happens daily, meaning that a marketer would have fully updated causal, predictive and prescriptive analytics regarding any given model in more than enough time to understand changing marketplace conditions and alter course in a time-effective way.”

Julie Brown, Johnson Controls’ global business transformation leader, said, “Proof makes me feel like I’m in the cockpit of a fighter jet, providing the instrumentation needed to guide powerful programs. It’s very empowering, and it transforms the conversations that business leaders need to have with marketing teams. Johnson Controls has renewed our relationship with Proof multiple times – it is a fantastic platform. We will be adding Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce to our next renewal.”

Proof Analytics founder and CEO Mark Stouse said, “Salesforce integrates data straight into Proof, dramatically accelerating analytical model creation and automatically recalculating every model at the speed of customer data, delivering perpetually updated operational blueprint to CMOs and other C-suite leaders. Proof BusinessGPS™ on Salesforce enables business and marketing teams to wargame different outcomes in the middle of a meeting, exploring different campaign outcomes in light of changing market conditions. Proof Marketing Planner™ and Proof Marketing Finance™ tools give marketing teams an automated, full-scale planning, budgeting, campaign management, KPI management, and workflow solution, further enhanced by coming integrations with Slack. The integration of Salesforce and Proof gives marketers and other leaders the ability to perpetually understand and optimize all of their investments, accelerating the power and progress of their business.”

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Watch the #Salesforce video about Proof Analytics:

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