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CUJO AI’s 2024 Report Highlights Wi-Fi 7 Opportunities

CUJO AI, the leading provider of advanced cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions for internet service providers (ISPs), has today released its latest Device Intelligence Report. This report provides an in-depth analysis of home network connectivity trends, focusing on the impact and opportunities presented by the Wi-Fi 7 rollouts.

The report reveals how CUJO AI’s device intelligence service, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, identifies connected devices with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike traditional methods that rely on increasingly unreliable identifiers like MAC addresses, CUJO AI’s technology offers detailed insights into device models and types, enhancing ISPs ability to deliver personalized services and optimize Wi-Fi performance.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Impact of Wi-Fi 7 Rollouts: With the introduction of Wi-Fi 7, ISPs can significantly improve network performance and security. However, the report highlights the importance of strategic rollouts to maximize benefits and avoid potential connectivity issues in mixed-standard environments.
  • Device Landscape and Trends: The analysis of over 1.17 billion new devices connected from April 2023 to February 2024 shows a diverse and rapidly evolving device ecosystem. The report also introduces a new category for Extended Reality (AR and VR) devices, noting significant growth during the holiday season and the entrance of Apple’s Vision Pro into the market.

CUJO AI’s report is based on the largest real-life dataset of its kind, showcasing the company’s commitment to privacy-respecting, regulation-compliant solutions.

CUJO AI is already trusted by 11 leading ISPs in North America and Europe, identifying over 100 million new devices each month. CUJO AI identifies 90% of devices at a high level of granularity, far surpassing existing solutions. This capability allows for precise, data-driven decisions in Wi-Fi 7 Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) upgrades, targeting households that will benefit the most from new technology.

“As Wi-Fi 7 becomes a reality, ISPs face the challenge of rolling out new technology efficiently and effectively,” said Chris Turner, CPO, CUJO AI. “Our report not only highlights the opportunities Wi-Fi 7 presents but also provides ISPs with the data-driven insights needed to make strategic decisions, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and network performance.”

The “Device Intelligence Report: Home Networks in 2024” is available now, offering ISPs, tech industry professionals, and policymakers’ valuable insights into the future of home connectivity and the strategic importance of device intelligence.

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