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CyberCatch and ELB Learning announce strategic partnership

CyberCatch Holdings, Inc. (“CyberCatch”) (TSXV: CYBE), an innovative cybersecurity company offering an AI-enabled platform solution for continuous compliance and cyber risk mitigation, and ELB Learning, a market leader delivering the most comprehensive suite of learning products and services worldwide, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to market and deliver CyberCatch’s unique next-generation learning game solution globally.

Created in partnership with ELB Learning, CyberCatch’s CyberSavvyIQ is a series of unique cutting-edge security awareness learning games that combines the best of two entertainment worlds – movies and games – to help employees become “cyber smart” and more effective human firewalls against cyber threats.

HackOps is the first game in the series and a highly engaging cybersecurity gamified experience unlike any other. Based on the behavior of cyber attackers, HackOps simulates how attackers actually steal data and install ransomware, mimicking recent successful cyberattacks. Learners role-play and learn common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that attackers are currently using to break into the network, steal data and install ransomware.

With an immersive, virtual reality experience, a learner will deeply understand how:

  • Hackers do reconnaissance 
  • Spear phishing is crafted and executed
  • Front-door internet-facing IT assets’ vulnerabilities are exploited
  • Third-party vulnerabilities are exploited to break in from the back door
  • Data is exfiltrated, and ransomware is installed, and how this can be prevented
  • Unknown back doors are left behind, and why

“Cyber attackers are successful because of human error. Either a human falls prey to phishing and allows the attacker into the network or a human commits a mistake and creates a vulnerability in a system that allows the attacker to exploit and steal data and install ransomware,” said Sai Huda, founder, chairman and CEO, CyberCatch. “Current security awareness training in the marketplace is rudimentary and fails to impart any skills to prevent human error. CyberCatch, in partnership with ELB Learning, is bringing to market a next-generation solution to help every employee become cyber smart, so the organization becomes cyber strong.”  

“ELB Learning is excited to partner with CyberCatch to transform mundane security awareness training into an extraordinary learning experience, imparting new skills critical to mitigating cyber risk for an organization. We are thrilled to have helped CyberCatch create HackOps and look forward to distributing it, along with the rest of the games in the series, to our customers around the globe. We look forward to helping make the human firewall strong and significantly reduce the likelihood of human errors with next-generation learning,” said  Andrew Scivally, co-founder and CEO, ELB Learning.

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