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Cyberinc Browser Isolation Platform Protects Remote Workers from Phishing, Ransomware and Malware, Helping Organizations Maintain Business Continuity

Cyberinc, a pioneer in isolation-based cybersecurity solutions, is helping companies address remote work-related security issues with its flagship Isla Isolation Platform, which offers robust protection against ransomware, phishing and other Internet-based threats. Cyberinc Isla is particularly useful in safeguarding companies and their employees working from home, and enables businesses to maximize employee productivity while reducing operational overhead and business risk from prominent cyber threats.

The Isla platform enables businesses to provide security for remote employees against prominent threats like malvertising, phishing, credential theft and ransomware, and maintain business continuity without negatively impacting the employee experience. Traditional technologies, such as VPNs, were originally intended for providing secure remote access to on-premise data centers but provide minimal value with growing cloud adoption and emerging remote workforce models.

Using a Zero Trust model, Isla eliminates a wide variety of threats and covers both unmanaged and managed endpoints through agentless deployment with standard browsers. To help organizations quickly benefit from the Isla Isolation Platform in addressing the new work-from-home model, Cyberinc is offering free use of the platform to companies and teams with up to 50 users, from now until August 31, 2020. For more information and to sign up for Cyberinc’s free offer of the Isla platform, visit

“Record numbers of employees are now working from home and connecting to their company’s cloud systems, oftentimes using unmanaged devices or bypassing the VPN due to scalability and productivity constraints. This puts organizations and their critical assets at tremendous risk,” said Samir Shah, CEO of Cyberinc. “VPNs were designed to support a small percentage of the workforce and they are limited in the security they provide, as they don’t protect against some of the most prominent threats to businesses today – such as ransomware and phishing. Browser isolation provides simple, safe and easy access to all employees, with robust protection against more than 90% of threats – whether employees use managed or unmanaged devices,” Shah said.

Browser Isolation: The New Backbone of Secure Business Communications

In a newly published SANS report “All Roads Lead to the Browser: A SANS Buyer’s Guide to Browser Isolation,” SANS Analyst Matt Bromiley says, “With browser isolation, you are focusing on one of the most prolific applications in your enterprise. By adding a layer of controlled security between the user and the browser—one that remains completely unknown to the user—you lower the attack surface through which the organization can be compromised. We’re not changing the concept of endpoint security; we’re changing what the endpoint is… Browser isolation should be an extension of your current security capabilities.”

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