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CyberMAK signs an industry 4.0 partnership deal with METI M2M

Our world today is driven by diverse technologies with data being the end-game. But with legacy and newer systems in the mix, the need to extract data from various sources, correlate them and use them to drive advantages is key. With the fourth industrial revolution and the introduction of IoT, we have transformed into a smart generation. IoT is embraced and prevalent worldwide and is a trend that has brought about tremendous savings by giving users the ability to analyze large amounts of disparate, contrasting and incoherent data from various sources quickly that drives accurate and timely decision making. The wireless interconnected network has enabled industries worldwide to operate in real-time, working simultaneously on multiple processes, brought about new business opportunities and made businesses more productive and secure. This has also made monitoring, optimization and analysis more effective, reduced cost and improved customer service and experience, all at the same time.

A partnership that marks the beginning of the digital transformation evolution with IoT

In a strategic move, global leader in digital transformation, CyberMAK Information Systems has joined hands with Meti, an industrial 4.0 company, starting a new phase in the fourth industry revolution with IoT that focuses heavily on artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, interconnectivity and big data.

This partnership marks the beginning of the digital transformation evolution by giving companies the power to avoid manual work and level up with smart management, smart decisions, smart maintenance and smart process optimization. Customers will be able to boost their transformational journey by monitoring production, process, energy tool, material traceability and utility. Achieving maximum resource utilization, increasing efficiency, monitoring the authenticity of processes followed and ensuring global quality standards. Beyond this customers are also enabled with machine-wise energy consumption pattern to help them optimize energy utilization and save cost and monitor working condition of all utilities at the plant along with ensuring the proper usage of those utilities.

Driven by passion for technology, this partnership will enable customers adapt to changes with ease in IoT solutions. Strengthening them with our IoT core competencies like IIOT enabled hardware, secured IoT platform, big data management, analytics platform, alerting engines and APIs for ERP integration. Companies today are racing to achieve digital transformation and be at the top of their respective industries. As technology becomes the heart of the organization, implementation of Industry 4.0 can boost company performance enabling them with predictive maintenance, product tracking, inventory management, demand forecasting and much more helping them achieve the desired transformation.

With close to a decade of experience in IoT, gathering real-time data from 50,000+ sensors across different industries, 15+ million tags monitored daily (big data) and serving in forging/injection molding/packaging/CNC, FMCG, Dairy segments for over 150 customers, Meti has a strong R&D focus in hardware, software and human resources, building holistic and scalable solutions for customers to compete globally through value addition.

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