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Cyble, Inc. to enhance Taiwan NGO’s Cybersecurity Outreach

Cyble Inc. an Atlanta, US-based global cyber threat intelligence firm and TWCERT/CC, a Non-government organization, has signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to venture together and share cyber threat intelligence relating to Taiwan’s academic, public, and private sectors.

The initiative is aimed to enhance the cyber threat monitoring capabilities of both entities and better equip each other’s knowledge base to handle cyber threats and incidences. Cyble and TWCERT/CC have also worked together in June 2020 to ensure the safe handling of a bulk Taiwanese citizens data leak which was earlier sold on the dark web. Beenu Arora, CEO of Cyble, mentioned, “Cyber threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and we see a record number of high-profile breaches lately. The Cybercrime groups are well-funded, and the threat spans across all the industries, including public and private sectors.”

As part of the MOU, Cyble has also provided free access and usage to Taiwan’s education community – consisting of education personnel and students – to its AmIBreached service. is the world’s largest data breach monitoring and notification platform. Beenu Arora added, “Taiwanese industries have been targeted by a variety of cyber-attacks ranging from organized criminal gangs to alleged state-sponsored actors. As part of our community to further increase the Cyber hygiene of Taiwanese national, we are extending AmIbreached to all Taiwanese academia professionals and students.”

The community will be able to log in and access the AmIBreached service at no charge as long as they sign-up through the “” domain. The service will empower the academic community of Taiwan to become more comfortable in interacting over the web, have better control over monitoring their cyber risks, build awareness on areas of concern that cause vulnerabilities and remain updated on a real-time basis for matters on their data exposure risk.

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