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Cygilant, LogPoint Partner to Bring Security to Mid-Sized Companies

Cygilant, provider of Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to mid-sized organizations, today announced that it has partnered with LogPoint, the Modern SIEM, and UEBA company. The combination of LogPoint’s market-leading Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution with Cygilant’s Cybersecurity Advisors (CSAs), automated tools, fully-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC), and SOCVue Platform can immediately help improve a company’s security posture by providing access to real-time data collection, analysis, and remediation recommendations.

Security monitoring is a critical element of an organization’s cybersecurity protection. It collects data on all of the activities taking place across an organization’s infrastructure, networks, applications, and endpoints to find threats before they become an issue. LogPoint’s SIEM solution automates the collection and analysis process, ensuring that important systems are monitored in real-time, 24x7x365, and potential incidents are flagged instantly.

“It’s essential to comprehensively monitor an organization’s critical systems, regardless of the size of the business,” said Rob Scott, president and CEO at Cygilant. “Risks are constantly increasing – while financial and staffing resources are decreasing. This is why a solution that teams LogPoint and Cygilant can make a difference.”

The matching of LogPoint with Cygilant takes the security monitoring process a step further. Cygilant CSAs review incidents and alerts with an organization’s needs in mind and then prioritize that information before sharing actionable counsel. This ensures that the customer is rapidly given important information and actions – but is not overwhelmed by receiving alerts or data without a clear guide to what needs to be acted on.

“The realities brought about by remote work make it even more important to properly understand what cybersecurity threats and breach attempts your network is facing,” added Søren Laustrup, Founder and Managing Director Americas at LogPoint. “Organizations don’t have the time or resources to review every possible issue or alert. They need to prioritize their time and actions. That’s what makes the combination of our technology and Cygilant’s personalized service so valuable.”

As a Platinum Partner and part of LogPoint’s Selected Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) Program, Cygilant offers a tight integration with LogPoint’s SIEM – and a seamless implementation for customers, helping to quickly incorporate the best-in-class combined solution to their environment.

For more information on how Cygilant and LogPoint can help your organization gain real-time security monitoring, please visit

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